Sunday, April 9, 2017

Opposite view on flooded parkland

North east. At this time of year it's always flooded. Maybe the soil is clay. When we had a ton of snow a few years ago you might guess that that would be the reason. This year more rain than snow and it's still sopping wet there, except for the paved parking lot  -- but to be fair, I'm told that even some of the roads there are under water which makes drivers less than relaxed.

Courtcliffe Park, another view, pastel on 200 Currys cold press water colour paper © mcl 2014


  1. Love this. I'm sure sopping wet is good for the trees and plants in a world that's heating up. And clearly it's wonderful for art. This is beautiful!

  2. Thank you! You are so right!
    😘 xoxo,