Friday, January 31, 2014

Adjustments to the plan, persistence

Time honored haggling.
This is how it works. They were having difficulty putting through my adjustments. The system wouldn’t allow it. If, after the fourth call, you haven’t been cut off and if your  problem still dangles like an unchewable, indigestible issue unresolved – the help desk will transfer you to the solutions desk – selections of robust music will blast your eardrum while you wait – music to dance to, by yourself?

Finally like a dream come true - a cheerful, confident voice answers, picks you up off the dusty, kvetch laden floor and dusts you off – that same voice  strokes your nerves – “we’re sorry, we value your loyalty, maybe we can help – expand your message box, definitely – increase your decreases - unlimited this and unlimited that and not only that - a big fat credit. Let’s see what we can do.”  She dangles large numbers in front of my nose.

“What, wow,  – O yes really that’s wonderful, really wonderful. Thank you. When? Right now, right this minute,  fantastic, really”  And there you have it, a perfect solution after time honored haggling,  speechless.

From a warmer day, sigh of relief, last November off  hwy 97.

oil on gesso primed panel 14"x11"
M Cohen L © 2013

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On and off the grid

When I see the blue flashing lights of the black modem across the room I feel as though I’m on a space ship – A full frontal view facing the street is best, the technician said for receiving the signal – unlike the white modem which could receive signals from any position. 
Recently the faithful white modem developed erratic flickering symptoms on all its ports – an anxiety attack – it no longer sent or received signals reliably. "You mean consistently",  one technician corrected" -"intermittently" another said. 
I mentioned this to my daughter – “Enjoy being off the grid” she laughed.

But now the capacity of my line has been verified – I’ve been reinstated, upgraded – an ongoing process that has gone on for weeks has been resolved. 
Communication triumphed. Confusion - no longer an issue – comforting like a stiff drink or hot soup to warm you up when you come in out of the cold.

The model landing without mishap 
charcoal, pastel on Strathmore 18x24
mcohenl © 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I found this unfinished drawing I began a few years ago with traces of snow.  Nothing like  what we have now under our noses.  I went out late afternoon to take a few pictures heavily mittened, my camera took a few shots - then shivered, sighed and fell silent. I had a great walk though.

This property no longer has sheep – the new owner is a distributor for solar heating.

20"x16" charcoal and pastel on prepared ground on paper
 MCohenL © 2010

Monday, January 27, 2014

A field mid November

This is from that same wind lashing afternoon  mid November off Hwy 97.

oil on panel 12"x9"
MCohenL © 2013

Saturday, January 25, 2014

November light

A teeth- chattering cold windy day last November off hwy 97 -  I showed up early. No one else did, my fault I misread the address. A big, goofy affectionate dog kept me company for awhile until he grew restless and ran off, disappearing and reappearing - much like the light, spectacular, shifting at such a rapid rate I couldn't keep up with it.

oil on masonite 9"x12"
MCL © November 2013

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A garment

Bathrobe hanging on the inner door of the second floor bathroom. 
May 2013 gouache on arches cover stock 
McohenL©May 2013

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


All in the mind without any facts, subject matter or reference  to the external world what so ever - having more to do with wanting a direct approach to applying gouache to cover stock. 

click to enlarge

 gouache and ink on cover stock 6"x13"
MCohenL © May 2013

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arm flung back

Although the right arm is flung back, it may not be as apparent or realized as I had wanted,  because before I could sufficiently indicate its position, the session ended and she, the model, left.  

strathmore 18"x24"
MCohenL©January 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Worked on

We walked to the dentist yesterday arm in arm, him for cleaning, me for restoration - like two venerable brick buildings.

The dentist, a great master craftsman took me first. If there were ever a justification for high tech, dentistry is it - without which my smile would rest in terminal hibernation.

My smile would rarely be public nor not nearly as evident except perhaps in private for the sole viewing of  my ‘other’ who loves me unconditionally and for my real self.

Without the gifted artistry of the dentist my smile would decay – shock, startle and dismay as opposed to shake, rattle and roll.

Short studies interpreted freely from experience, photos and imagination:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Daily exercise

Specifically hand-eye exercise which should be by all accounts daily -  even hourly, sometimes weekly, then if that fails sometimes monthly and so on - that is the drift so to speak.

a few short poses on cartridge 18x24:
Dec 2013©MCL
Dec 2013©MCL
Dec 2013©MCL
Dec 2013©MCL
Dec 2013©MCL

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold snap v extreme

Comfort zone.

As temperatures finally began to rise our kitchen pipes took notice not by bursting into  applause but by gushing copious amounts of water into our drafty basement. They waited til night time when we were preoccupied with brushing our teeth etc to announce their situation. As we bailed bucket after bucket of water enough to put out a  raging fire and rescued wet periodicals, scores, and books I imagined being on a storm tossed boat, longing for dry land. 
Even after we turned off the water a small constant, defiant stream continued to squirt and flow until our plumber arrived at 7:30 am, v calm he’d seen it all. Fixed in an hour. By that time I could barely stir, flat out on the second floor, too pooped to move but thankful that our furnace was still pumping out balmy heat. 
Before he left he surveyed the infrastructure and took stock, pointing in several directions - that needs fixing, that needs fixing and that needs fixing – but not now, later. O yes we have our projects cut out for us.
Recent drawings:

 Jan 2014©MCL

Dec 2013©MCL

Dec 2013©MCL