Sunday, April 29, 2012

A seated, leaning pose

I drew this model a few weeks ago at one of our Sunday life gatherings, which, except for the odd statutory holiday like Christmas and New Year, runs throughout the year. I don’t always manage to get there though.

chalk and charcoal on toned paper 18"x24"

Friday, April 20, 2012

On a slope

This past week I acknowledged the  miracle of vitamins which until recently I had ignored or was simply oblivious to. I now take a daily portion of vitamin D, co enzyme q 10, ginko (recommended by a friend) and as soon as I can get around to it – I’ll add a calcium compound. He, my husband takes roughly the same as I do plus one of the B’s - which facilitates the necessary illusion - that of becoming healthier and wiser - a lovely experience for both of us.
Should I continue? The other revelation – quite marvelous and stimulating – has to do with schmaltz grebe - a yiddishism for chicken fat - until recently a dietary no-no, verboten. Well it turns out that all this schmaltz or fat of any kind - butter, eggs, olive oil,  avocado (v high in fat), you name it, is good for us even trans fat!  Forget the pecking order, it's all good. So that old saying that 'he should be so lucky as to bathe in a barrel of schmaltz grebe', still holds!
But oh weep alas for the fate of refined flour and cheap corn syrup, which receives a resounding thumbs down  in Good Calories Bad Calories – 600 pages of a painstaking, technical thoroughness sparing of no detail that might cause ones eyes to glaze over (perhaps mine) - or in a shorter version Good Calories Bad Calories for Dummies. Dummies versions are fine for me, I can latch on to one or two phrases and let my imagination do the rest.

Trees on a farm off Mineral Springs Road
oil on pre gessoed panel 16"x12"
early March
Marcia Cohen LaBelle ©2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yesterday it was 26 celsius with a ferocious wind. Our neighbour knocked on our door to tell us that our rain barrel had blown across the street into their yard. Again!
Today it was 20 degrees cooler and I put on my usual layers and woolens to go into the country. We were at a wildlife preserve in Flamboro  off of  Middletown Rd. A public place with a parking lot and paths that lead to a swamp. 
click to enlarge
Wildlife preserve - oil on masonite - 18"x7½"