Saturday, April 8, 2017


An early April melting on park land  near Carlisle on the way to Guelph. When I waded back to my car, I noticed that the soles of my sturdy boots were flapping which made it awkward to walk properly. The prolonged immersion in slush and spring water had apparently caused the glue and stitching to give way, the soles half-way detached and my toes and rest of my feet were literally sucking up water.

                                 Pastel on gessoed Currys cold presswatercolour © mcl 2014


  1. Love this -- so strong and vibrant. Sorry about your footwear. Water eh?


  2. Thank you, Barbara.
    Yes, water is a patient solvent and my old boots succumbed. I tried replacing them with a pair of boys felt lined winter boots but they were too heavy and wide, so I returned them. My rubber boots are great except that they're not insulated.
    Feet are v fussy and particular. Ideally I'd like a pair of custom made Italian boots. Sorry to go on so..
    xoxo, Marcia