Friday, June 1, 2012

Waist high

When we returned home from our trip, the grass in the back yard was waist high. I wondered if perhaps it looked a bit derelict – grass as high or higher than the poppies - but David thought immediately that it looked enchanting. I was touched and surprised and even reassured by his way of looking at the world.

June last year on a farm above Dundas
oil on masonite 14"x16"
Marcia Cohen LaBelle © 2011


  1. What a sweet man. We've got a lot of that "enchantment" going fo us right now. Love the painting and am so happy that you're back and blogging.

    Love, Barbara

  2. Thank you, Barbara!!!
    He is a sweetie which doesn’t necessarily preclude lawn mowing and this will interest you, he makes salad! To this day we use a version of your dressing - the recipe you gave us promptly years ago when you saw a bottle of Kraft dressing in my hand and shuddered or took pity. I remember these things. So you’re a sweetie too!!!

    love, Marcia

  3. I have to drive to New Mexico to see such "enchantment"! It's been many years since I've seen waist high grass. :-) I do love that your dear husband can see the positive in a garden on vacation.

    This is a fantastic painting. I truly love how loose and wild your brushstrokes are. You have confidence, and it shows in your luscious painting.

    May you be "waist high" in studio time and inspiration!

    Virtual hugs.

    1. Dear Melinda,
      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and comments.
      I would love to surrender myself to being immersed waist high in my studio - especially right now when I am experiencing some annoying blocks.
      Your wishes for me for just that kind of total immersion are extremely helpful and much appreciated!!!!

      xo, Marcia

  4. Such a lovely and rich nature! Your painting has a fluently rhythm.. i like it very much!

    1. Dear Kathrin,
      Thank you for such a lovely comment. I am glad you can see some kind of rhythm in this. I remember the day, actually early evening, as having been extremely windy and feeling quite tossed around by it.