Thursday, June 7, 2012

an afternoon

As the afternoon wore on he became increasingly sleepy, especially under the scrutiny and glare of a strong, unrelenting light. His upright head position would begin to droop and lean towards his arms. Occasionally as he tried to prevent his eyes from closing he would yawn.
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 drawing - unfinished - of a young man 
on strathmore 18"x24"
chalk and pastel 
photographed in colour and b&w
Marcia Cohen Labelle ©2012


  1. These two drawings are stunning. The colours in the first one dance across the figure as the model droops. Just fabulous. And, the second one reminds me of something that a professor said a long time ago, "This drawing may be in black and white, but it is full of colour!"

    We understand completely about the afternoon sleepies, and "strong, unrelenting light." I often get caught in a sunbeam here in the desert warmth.

    Really successful work again!

  2. What a lovely figure und I like the colour of the first one very much...looks like a little golden! And its such a tender drawing. Oh yes, I can see a kind of rythm in every picture of you.

  3. Wow! This is a stunner. Gorgeous work Marcia.

  4. These are beautiful. We have been off in the wilds of Ottawa, and I missed these. What a treat. You are amazing.



  5. Marcia - great to see these life drawings of yours, as always. The colour has lent excitement and energy and you always manage to keep it in enough control to maintain energy.

  6. Dear Melinda, Kathrin, Kim, Barbara, Sheila

    Thank you all for your tremendous, heart warming comments!!

I’m beginning to see myself as some kind of subterranean creature of habit who surfaces once every two or three weeks at best - entrenched in a pattern, driven by a peculiar vanity or gratitude or both - to mumble and utter words of heartfelt but somewhat embarrassed thanks.

    In any case, I must clarify that the drawing is one, uno non due- closest in reality to the photo taken in automatic mode – the photo taken in black and white mode is actually one and the same drawing. 
I was curious to see how the color might translate in value to black and white.
    Of course I might have stated that right off the bat and saved us all some confusion and me an explanation, having unintentionally misled you. In my next life I wish to be one more airborne perhaps feasting on berries but mostly one who responds promptly. 
I know in theory I needn’t apologize and yet I feel I must!

Love to you all!


  7. Lovely drawings as always! That's for the comment about my exhibition, I've not been on my blog for a while, thanks! Very much appreciated :)

    1. Thanks Pete! Actually it's one drawing photographed twice - the second time with a black and white setting.
      Your paintings are ravishing!