Sunday, January 30, 2011

The usual suspects

On Sundays, I have a weekly habit of drawing on James North above a Portugese pool hall – one of my more salubrious habits I think.

Recently as I was about to set chalk to paper my cell phone rang and I knew it was either a wrong number or my daughter – she’s the only one who has my cell number - not llikely my husband  as he is ideologically critical of cell phones so I didn’t think it could possibly be him. 
It was in fact a text message from 'Fido', a cute little dog with his tongue hanging out, my cell phone provider – it was a curt warning that my air time was about to expire – my heart went dancing around in my chest – did that mean I would have to stop breathing, that my oxygen was going to be cut off?! 
The message continued – unless I refilled immediately I would lose my balance
Oh no but – but of course I didn’t want that to happen - the refill was supposed to take place automatically – that’s why I went to trouble in the extreme to set it up that way. I dialed Fido and I got Andrea – their friendly,  obnoxious robot. There was no way that Andrea was going to permit me to talk to a human – that option was not on her menu.
All I could do for the time being was to go back to my chalk and paper and try to draw - to calm down and  put this dreadful intrusion out of my mind. I tried, I tried. 
Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year! – year of the monkey, Feb 3. Correction: Year of the Rabbit!

Below are a few 30 to 40 minute drawings on Strathmore and Manilla – roughly 24”x18” with charcoal and chalk:

Click  on image to enlarge


  1. Hi Marcia,

    Thank goodness my husband takes care of my rarely used cellphone and all the negotiations for same. It was a Mother's day gift years ago, and even the new one continues to be a gift. It's so not a fancy phone. But to more important things, and I'm glad you concentrated on them too. These drawings are so magnificent. They are just breathtaking. I have to go back to painting now, seeing that I have so much to learn.

    Love Barbara

  2. These are great. The top one is stunningly beautiful.

  3. Great sculptors make great drawings.
    Great draftswomen make great sculptures.
    You seem to think in 3D.

    The first one looks WARM enough to melt ice. How nice!

  4. Barbara, maybe I'm becoming a rantaholic, - I'm more easily rattled these days especially when I experience inklings of brave new world.
    I need to be reminded about more important things! Thank you! Art is definitely a refuge and I'm a big fan of your work too!
    love, Marcia

  5. Jala, Thank you for your lovely comments on my work!
    it's been on my mind to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and also how much I admire your work and and also am greatly inspired by the scope of your experimentation!!!!

  6. SamArtDog, thank you for your very, wonderful comments and your delightful humor! Much much appreciated - thank you!

  7. Marica, the way you use the colour is wonderful! And the expression of your figures is very lively, they even have so much vitality, i like very much! the best for you!

  8. Thank you for your kind words, Kathrin!!!
    I love looking at your work also, always so powerful and vital - accomplished in every respect!!