Monday, January 17, 2011


The eye never gets enough of looking – Ecclesiastes - Kohelet.
The other day I was preoccupied with finding a book that I kept in the first floor bathroom – technical on oils, out of print. It’s important to have something to read at all times. But this book had decided to migrate to another surface without so much as a murmur and I spent hours trying to locate it and it was just beneath a pile of books on top of another pile of books in a book case in my bedroom on the second floor.  Huge sigh of relief. I also found another book in the meantime on  the history of tea and coffee which I found miraculously comforting during my agitated search. But I wasn’t fooled. I knew that my quest for the missing book was a sham, a substitute – a procrastination  to which I was helpless to resist.

I wanted this book of course because it had within it the magic formula which I promptly read and fell asleep leaving the actual act of doing, the painting for the following day.

canvas paper 9"x12" oil

detail oil canvas 24"x24"

oil canvas 24"x24" in progress


  1. Marcia, I LOVE that painting....the colours, the mood, the light. Wow!
    You are so talented to move so easily from sculpture to painting and back again.

    And I love that description of searching for the elusive book with the 'answer' to your painting question only to find it so late that you have no time to act it out. Wow....I have been there too! I smiled in self-recognition.

  2. Flora thank you! You, yourself are so multi talented and kind in the bargain! Would that I could move easily back and forth! - and not just around in circles for misplacing this and that.
    So you're a book person too, are you? Wonderful! I might have guessed, I'm not surprised.

  3. Your portrait is wonderful Marica! It is so light and the gentle colour is gorgeous!

  4. Kathrin, your words of encouragement are much, much appreciated!! Thank you!

  5. Hi Marcia,

    I love how you do this, and I get caught every time. Tricky. One the book story lets everyone know that your house is crammed with books. You sophisticated reader you. Then these beautiful paintings. I am dazzled, as I knew without a doubt I would be Kilimanjaro. Yeah. I was right. And now I'm happy. (You know the old question, 'is it better to be right, or happy?' In this case I am both.) (By the way my artist friend, Gill Cameron is in Tanzania and climbed the next highest mountain. Not you. Such an amazing artist you are.

    Love Barbara

  6. Barbara If I am going to be teased by anyone in the world it absolutely, positively has to be by you Ms. Muir. You know my house. The clutter is endemic. As for Kilimanjaro, I'm climbing on my hands and knees. and you are right behind me giving me a boost, urging me on - and then you leap frog over me smiling sweetly and extend a hand to pull me onward or is it upward - I get muddled with prepositions. Enough to say that you are an ecstatic, dazzling beacon of light and we need a visit sooner than later dear friend!!!

    love, Marcia

  7. I love this painting, Marcia. There are elements of luminosity that keep me wanting to look and travel around the canvas. The transparent light glowing through the room and reflecting off the model is delicate, yet strong.


  8. I am so glad you like this one Melinda! I have been thinking about you since our last exchange - so much food for thought. We will continue our exchange soon-- in the meantime keep well, best to you and Edgar!!!
    xo Marcia