Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clock's forward - March forward as in the month of March

The shaft of light on the paper was a special effect of the late afternoon sun. i'll take all the special effects I can get, even if it's verging on kitsch, as it were -  shameless in that regard. We moved clocks an hour forward last night and it hurt this am. I was a pathetic zombie. 

charcoal, pastel on toned paper 18"x24"
 unfinished - Happy March break


  1. Another magnificent drawing. I am lucky I turned all the clocks ahead on Friday, dreading the actual move. It helped a lot. I really didn't feel it today, but it was funny, comparing the times all the time, and was the time.
    A 167 instead of a 168 hour week.



  2. There is a lot of light and energy in this drawing. Very strong, and your skill with anatomy is excellent! I love the expression on the model's face. Is he thinking that it has been a very long day, one that started too soon?!

    We don't have that clock setting thing here. It's hard for us to know what time it is everywhere else.

  3. Absolutely perfect drawing! So much light and glance, and I also love his expression, he seems to be immersed.

  4. Barbara, Melinda, Kathrin, thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. The clock has struck forward for over a month now and I've been shamelessly remiss in not responding to your kind, generous and supportive comments!
    If for some reason I've taken a vow of silence - silly me, I relinquish it - or if somehow I resemble the hedge hog, which I probably do, then I better crawl out of my hole and get down to business.
    Always your faithful admirer,
    xoxoxoxo, Marcia