Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seated figure

December 29, 2013
This was the last drawing I worked on at our open life studio before the end of last year.  The paper was very gritty, indestructible  – not the best to my liking – but I prepared it myself. Of course it comes in handy to blame the paper. The truth is I'm still fiddling. As my grandmother might have said, so nu?

Seated figure, pastel on gessoed watercolor paper 19"x24"
mcohenlabelle MCohenL © 2013

mcohenlabelle MCohenL © 2013


  1. Nu? What's new? Blame the paper for this exquisite drawing? OMG as they say (my paternal grandmother would have land sakes that is a caution), meaning Wow! You are a genius.



    1. OMG as they say - Barbara, you know me too well! you are a dear friend. Thank you

      Love, Marcia