Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February’s handshake

Not as cold as they said it would be, especially when the sun came out. Also I had a pair of hand warmers and although the expiry date read July of last year, lo and behold they still worked like a charm. Mind you I did bring back up warmers that were current. 
I borrowed my husband’s camera to take a few photos but he forgot to put in the battery,  so that ended that idea. Now that there’s a warming trend I’ll try to get back there tomorrow or Thursday.

Crook's Hollow
pastel on prepared paper 10"x7"
mcohenlabelle MCohenL © 2014


  1. I'd like to shake that hand. Good for you. I don't know where to buy glove warmers, but would like some. Super drawing. Love it.

    When I left my teaching afternoon today the sun was just going down. The light returneth, take heart brave artist!



    1. Thank you dear Barbara Muir. You can buy them at Canadian Tire – they’re cheap and a hand saver. You just need to use one at a time really, to clutch in you working hand.