Monday, March 3, 2014

March continues the presence of winter

The glamour of snow, its irresistible allure endures - preferring not  to be upstaged by thawing. The set designer for spring has  taken a leave of absence, some say indefinitely, wanting  the play of snow to have a longer run.  
Last week a brisk and stinging wind made snow rendering a serious undertaking. Night time schnapps restores circulation.

Bank of Spencer Creek pastel 10¾"x10"
MCL(marciacohenlabelle) © 2014

Escarpment near Spencer Creek pastel 14"½x10"
MCL(marciacohenlabelle) © 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A woman resting

A few weeks ago this was the last pose of the afternoon. For me it was just the opposite of  relaxed, uphill going all the way.

pastel on toned strathmore 18"x24"
Marcia LaBelle mcohenlabelle © 2014
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Forever and a day

Or this winter wonderland is here to stay - like the Gershwin melody 'our love is here to stay'
Nothing  grand - a lot of small adjustments, seemingly endless.

Forever and a day, color  pastel on Maidstone 10"x10"
In fact I love winter, I just hope there isn't flooding with snow turning into rain and if it freezes again I hope the wheels of our car don't get frozen stuck in several inches of solid ice like they did last Sunday. 

Forever and a day pastel on Maidstone 10"x10"

Forever and a day, color  pastel on Maidstone 10"x10"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Addiction to hand warmers

My hand warmer which looks like a large, oversize tea bag was still warm as I ate my dinner tonight and then clambered up the stairs to look at  the internet. 

This pastel is from earlier in the afternoon not far from  Crooks Hollow Rd, where I planted myself  as firmly as I could on a deep snowy embankment with partial sun and particles of blowing snow. 
The descent from the road was short but fairly steep and at one point laden down with stuff, I misjudged the depth of the snow, lost my balance and fell forward. Shirley said that at least I had something soft to fall into. 
But she had an equally unsettling experience - I thought the wind sent her easel flying, but she said no, it broke. 

Crooks hollow unfinished pastel on toned paper approximately 10"X10"
mcohenlabelle MCL © 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chair with arms

I went into my studio this afternoon to check on cobwebs and leakage and rescued this painting of a chair that is probably the same chair from studies in one of my notebooks. I did these years ago. 

oil on masonite 18"x24" (# 1)
mcohenlabelle MCL©2014

mixed media on paper 11"x14" (#2)
mcohenlabelle MCL©2014

mixed media on paper 11"x14" (#3)
mcohenlabelle MCL©2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A different kind of light

In spite of the warming trend I only half dressed and instead of rushing outside to glory in the warming trend, I propped a drawing I had worked on last Sunday against a piece of furniture in my dining room and worked on it for over an hour. The challenge always  is that the model is absent and so is the combination of muted natural light and artificial light of the  3rd floor studio – in place of which I have the mid day light of my south facing dining room. Not that I mind but I do nevertheless have to be cognizant of that difference. Not that I wish to burden anyone  with that trifling detail, it’s enough that I burden myself.  Now I hardly sound sincere and that poses a different kind of problem – a peculiarity of character that I’ve had years of practice at. You know what they say – practice, practice, practice.

From a Sunday afternoon
pastel on strathmore toned paper 24"x18"
Marcia LaBelle MCohenL ©2014

From a Sunday afternoon
pastel on strathmore toned paper 24"x18"
Marcia LaBelle MCohenL ©2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February’s handshake

Not as cold as they said it would be, especially when the sun came out. Also I had a pair of hand warmers and although the expiry date read July of last year, lo and behold they still worked like a charm. Mind you I did bring back up warmers that were current. 
I borrowed my husband’s camera to take a few photos but he forgot to put in the battery,  so that ended that idea. Now that there’s a warming trend I’ll try to get back there tomorrow or Thursday.

Crook's Hollow
pastel on prepared paper 10"x7"
mcohenlabelle MCohenL © 2014