Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Addiction to hand warmers

My hand warmer which looks like a large, oversize tea bag was still warm as I ate my dinner tonight and then clambered up the stairs to look at  the internet. 

This pastel is from earlier in the afternoon not far from  Crooks Hollow Rd, where I planted myself  as firmly as I could on a deep snowy embankment with partial sun and particles of blowing snow. 
The descent from the road was short but fairly steep and at one point laden down with stuff, I misjudged the depth of the snow, lost my balance and fell forward. Shirley said that at least I had something soft to fall into. 
But she had an equally unsettling experience - I thought the wind sent her easel flying, but she said no, it broke. 

Crooks hollow unfinished pastel on toned paper approximately 10"X10"
mcohenlabelle MCL © 2014


  1. Woah! Aren't you the brave one for art?

    Love this. Be careful eh?



    1. Barbara I know you are concerned for me out in the elements at the same time I have a hunch you might be pulling my leg. That’s ok – I appreciate it!
      Thank you,