Friday, January 31, 2014

Adjustments to the plan, persistence

Time honored haggling.
This is how it works. They were having difficulty putting through my adjustments. The system wouldn’t allow it. If, after the fourth call, you haven’t been cut off and if your  problem still dangles like an unchewable, indigestible issue unresolved – the help desk will transfer you to the solutions desk – selections of robust music will blast your eardrum while you wait – music to dance to, by yourself?

Finally like a dream come true - a cheerful, confident voice answers, picks you up off the dusty, kvetch laden floor and dusts you off – that same voice  strokes your nerves – “we’re sorry, we value your loyalty, maybe we can help – expand your message box, definitely – increase your decreases - unlimited this and unlimited that and not only that - a big fat credit. Let’s see what we can do.”  She dangles large numbers in front of my nose.

“What, wow,  – O yes really that’s wonderful, really wonderful. Thank you. When? Right now, right this minute,  fantastic, really”  And there you have it, a perfect solution after time honored haggling,  speechless.

From a warmer day, sigh of relief, last November off  hwy 97.

oil on gesso primed panel 14"x11"
M Cohen L © 2013


  1. Wonderfully described, the agony and the ecstacy.

    Yikes. Love the painting. Seems like it all worked out righ?



  2. Thank you so much Barbara.
    It was ridiculously time consuming, but after a comedy of frustration and errors they gave me a peach of a plan and I'll be eternally grateful to the solutions desk now that I know that such a thing exists.