Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I found this unfinished drawing I began a few years ago with traces of snow.  Nothing like  what we have now under our noses.  I went out late afternoon to take a few pictures heavily mittened, my camera took a few shots - then shivered, sighed and fell silent. I had a great walk though.

This property no longer has sheep – the new owner is a distributor for solar heating.

20"x16" charcoal and pastel on prepared ground on paper
 MCohenL © 2010


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Doug, very much!
      I'd love to get out and have a go at the snow and if it ever warms up to zero or or just above or a few degrees below, I think I could handle that.

  2. How lovely!

    My cell phone decided the temperature was too cold today, so it hid under my purse on the car seat. Much
    cozier. Beautiful painting.

    XOXOXO Barbara

    1. Thank you dear Barbara!
      Very thoughtful of you to warm up your phone in such a discreet way. Cell phones I think like to hide in all climes - ours just happens to be very cold at the moment - more like a normal, old fashioned Canadian winter someone has reassured me.