Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On and off the grid

When I see the blue flashing lights of the black modem across the room I feel as though I’m on a space ship – A full frontal view facing the street is best, the technician said for receiving the signal – unlike the white modem which could receive signals from any position. 
Recently the faithful white modem developed erratic flickering symptoms on all its ports – an anxiety attack – it no longer sent or received signals reliably. "You mean consistently",  one technician corrected" -"intermittently" another said. 
I mentioned this to my daughter – “Enjoy being off the grid” she laughed.

But now the capacity of my line has been verified – I’ve been reinstated, upgraded – an ongoing process that has gone on for weeks has been resolved. 
Communication triumphed. Confusion - no longer an issue – comforting like a stiff drink or hot soup to warm you up when you come in out of the cold.

The model landing without mishap 
charcoal, pastel on Strathmore 18x24
mcohenl © 2014


  1. The indication of the legs is awesome.

  2. I suppose I shouldn't but I love the grid, and I'm relieved
    that you're on it. I love the drawing. Amazing! Will that be $1,000 or $1500?

    XOXOXO Barbara

    1. I love the grid too and find myself far too dependent on it.
      Barbara, there are far too many zeros in the figures you quote, I know you love to tease me!!!
      xoxoxo, Marcia

  3. Hi Doug
    Thank you, thank you. He has a cyclist's legs. When he's not taking some impossible pose he cycles in mountainous regions in South America during the summer.