Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Man

oil 18 x24 on masonite - unfinished
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Approximately three or four years ago, I lose track of time, I began a drawing of David in my studio at the back of our house where I have a north light. It was strictly impromptu. Could he sit, would he sit, could he read, could he sit still – what palette should I use? Should we continue this at a later time (we never did) You know how husbands are and wives are after several years of marriage  - intimacy – all kinds of looks transpire between us. Any way I have this piece – an hour or two of work – an afternoon from a few summers ago. Plans now are to do a study in clay, more drawings – but I’ll let him read, we’ll chat – maybe a sort of meandering monologue from him, that would be good.


  1. I think this is perfect the way it is! I especially like the energy in your brush strokes.

    And, of course, your story about the work and your husband. I'm so glad you posted this.

    Yes, looking forward to the clay study as well!

  2. 2 hours? i am amazed how much you captured in that time. i laughed at your description of husbands and wives:))

  3. Even before I read Melinda's words, I was going to ask you not to touch this painting of your husband; I love it the way it is. It's what's so good about the expression of an impression. More of a likeness would make it something else entirely. If you must, do that painting another day.

  4. Oh Melinda! You have no idea how heartening it is to have your feedback! Always so supportive and positive! I always feel encouraged from your comments – they really do strengthen, better than a tonic. Much better! Thank you dear Melinda!
    XO Marcia

  5. Rahina thank you!
    At the time I knew it would be good idea to pay more attention to the hands – but I packed it in. Now it’s difficult to resume because I don’t remember what colors I was using! I need to take a lesson from this and in general - just adopt better work habits, particularly with regards to note taking or else it bites me in the behind - in a manner of speaking!

  6. SamArtDog, thank you for visiting!
    You are very kind and totally a sweetie for echoing Melinda’s thoughts on this! You are both sensible and wise. - I agree, yes - that’s the best solution - start something new, do another painting - an approach that is both obvious and practical! Right on! Thank you for this excellent suggestion! And again thank you for visiting!

  7. Hi Marcia,

    This is a beautiful portrait. It is a view of David that I would not see, and that makes it even more intriguing. And that you did it in two hours says a lot about the love between you. I really understand how hard it is to coral your mate into sitting. Good for you on that score. I have a very strange portrait of Steven that shows his distaste for the process quite clearly. You were extremely crafty to get two whole hours!

    Super work,

    Love xoxoxoxoxoxBarbara