Monday, April 5, 2010

studio session

colored chalk 18 x 24 Fabriano paper
Marcia Cohen LaBelle ©2010
This past Sunday, the theme with our male model was – aha,  you guessed it, a studio crucifixion with wrist straps,  as my husband, David,  aptly put it – a crucifixion on the ground. One of the drawers saw the opportunity and seized it, he’d been thinking about it all week. So he announced it to us  apologetically but with quiet determination and excitement as we gathered this sunny Sunday afternoon,  his intention – and we all passively, graciously acquiesced, including the model. So while the better part of the population young and old were hunting chocolate Easter eggs – this is what I spent the better part of three hours doing - drawing with a theme. 
Tedious but fun because Alan brought freshly baked cookies that his wife Roseanne  made. I ate two.
Then at 4 o’clock,  the men down below in the pool hall bar, chased us out. They wanted to lock up the building so they could go home for  Easter dinner.  


  1. Beautiful rendering of the figure, Marcia. And the pose is great...cudos to the originator.

    I can't get enough of charcoal and chalk. Something so special about the interplay of this simple color combo. I would say an afternoon well spent. Best.

  2. This is an excellent drawing, Marcia. I'm particularly impressed with your signature in the drawing and the touch of light on the figure's shoulders. What a difficult pose and how challenging!

    I'm so glad you have the opportunity to work in the group. Thank you for sharing the stories. I really enjoy hearing how your day goes with the work.

    Virtual hugs!

  3. Hi Marcia,

    I think that would have been the end of the session for me, but you've made crucifixion look so...sensual! There I was thinking it was a hellishly primitive method of torture, and you were drawing a beautiful young man. Weird. We were hunting eggs, because the symbolism you got involved in unwillingly has become impossible for me to understand.

    Beautiful drawing.


  4. Hi Candace: I’ve been absent from blog land for some pressing things, but I assure you I do so appreciate your comments! Yes I agree it’s time well spent drawing the figure And I will pass on your compliments to the chef - to John who set the pose he will appreciate them!

    Take care!

  5. Melinda, thank you!
    Now that you mention it, I agree - it was a challenging pose, nor one that I was expecting. At first the time dragged and then it flew by. Maybe not for him – he had to withdraw his wrists frequently from those slings one at a time to rest them and get his circulation back. poor guy - What a trooper!
    You are absolutely right it. is wonderful to have a group to draw with who are all as eager as I am.

    XO Marcia

  6. Barbara, most likely most of the world shares your sentiments, including myself, but I was not unwilling to draw this extraordinary model I just did not want to contemplate or depict him as the Christ figure - although he told us he had posed recently for a church sculptor.
    Yes for sure I was more than willing to draw him I was just sorry the time couldn’t have been longer.
    Our next model will be a young woman who is herself an art student. We'll draw her for three weeks and I'm looking forward to that but I hope John, who is charge of booking can reschedule this amazing man.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo Marcia

  7. Really fabulous drawing. Masterful, in fact.