Thursday, April 15, 2010

farm on fourth concession

chalk pastel 8 ½” x11" - fine pumice and gesso ground 
on generic water color paper

On Tuesday I met our landscape group at Andy’s farm off 4th concession. I was glad I wore boots. The place where I climbed over the roadside fence to set up my easel was muddy and wet in spots. There was a long row of weeping willows trees beside the bank and growing  right in a system of shallow flowing streams. I was late getting there so I didn’t do much exploring. But it’s a very old idyllic farm beautifully cultivated, comparable  according to  another Andy to the south of England. This farm still has twenty or so sheep who go wading in the streams, but Andy who is now retired has sold most of his flock off. When I arrive two biggish dogs greeted me and the more hyper active black dog is thrilled to be jumping in and out of the streams constantly for the three hours that I was there – which is nice because if I were alone he/she would keep me company. 


  1. Marcia,
    This is a gorgeous sketch. We have a beautiful willow outside and you have captured the movement of the branches so well. Love the colours too!

  2. Flora thank you!
    It's a new experience for me doing plein air –but it gives me an opportunity to get out of my shell and in to the countryside.
    But you are living full time in the countryside! Lucky you.
    Btw I’m loving every minute of your blog - the way you document your day to day existence with full multi media range of description and those absolutely delightful touches of humour when there are challenges to be met – fantastic!! I also love your strong bold beautiful art work!!

  3. What can I say. This is so beautiful, and I love its loose, abstract spring exuberance. Rubber boots and mud. What a trooper.

    Just gorgeous work.


  4. Barbara you are such a sweetie! – I’m not half the trooper you are!!!