Monday, April 12, 2010

portrait bust

portrait of Lita life size - ciment fondu 
click on image to enlarge

This is a portrait of the woman who taught my daughter voice for several years, before she went to Montreal. She herself is a fantastic singer of Schubert, Mozart, Straus, Mahler – you name it.
There is no patina on this particular cast. I never got around to doing it. Maybe one day.


  1. Hi Marcia,

    What a tender portrait bust, and such a poignant expression. Just wonderful.


  2. wonderful Marcia, just love that reflective expression on the face.

  3. Barbara, thank you! It was a great experience working on this portrait – if only these things didn't take so long to cast! anyway glad you like it.
    love you,xoxoxoxoxoxoMarcia

  4. Hi Rahina
    Thank you very much!
    While she sat for me I played numerous cds to lessen some of the strain of her sittings, also it's nice to listen to music - that in itself may explain or account for some of her reflective quality.

  5. This is so beautiful. I adore the strength of your is so alive ad so full of emotion too!

  6. I keep coming by and then forget to comment--mostly because I'm speechless as I enjoy the thoughtfulness in this portrait and your powerful talent.

    Really beautiful work. I hope you'll have more opportunity to do more! I like that this was not patina-ed!

  7. Thank you, i.e. a belated thank you, Fora! It's always so wonderful and reassuring to receive your lovely and kind response!

  8. Hi Melinda,

I do apologize. For some reason I am ridiculously delinquent in responding to your wonderful and much appreciated comments and encouragement!
I will do more sculpture this summer. There are three people who will be sitting for me. I also want to do a small standing figure. I am really pleased you commented on the not patina-ed aspect of the ciment fondu – not that many people are aware of the truth to material debate in sculpture! Thank you!!

  9. This is excellent and is very like my (late) mother's style. And it's the first time I've seen something in ciment fondu for several years!

  10. Your sculptures are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing,Helen