Thursday, March 4, 2010

Red and Green

Still Life with construction paper 9x12 - oil
winter 2009  

Last winter I entertained myself playing with red and green construction paper on my dining room table.  I bought the paper at the nearby dollar store. My dining room has a southern exposure but as it was mid afternoon and winter, I wound up turning on the overhead very old fashioned chandelier that my husband longs to update. I limited my palette to red and green and titanium white. I kept rearranging the red and green paper as the back drop and folded some white paper giving it center stage. This was fun to do and not the least bit rigorous – to draw the set up and then to paint it. 


  1. Hi,

    I just came across your blog this morning & I'm glad i did! I really like your art work & style of painting! I look forward to returning often to see more of your work!

    Best wishes!


  2. good...
    went through the entire blog...
    you are a very good artist...

  3. Dana, Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate your kind comments and I will be sure to visit your site!

    Best regards,

  4. Stephen - i am honored by your visit! Thank you!
    I have been a fan of your work for a long time – I find your paintings astoundingly beautiful!
    I am also impressed by your involvement with your community and by the fact that you are never so caught up with your own work that you ignore or become oblivious to the pain of those around you who are not so lucky vis a vis the homeless person you encountered while painting the bridge yesterday. Actually these things are endemic. There is a high level of poverty in this province – Ontario, where I live, our safety net has been in disrepair for a long time.
    I didn't intend to introduce or close on a political note but after all this is a blog not unsuited to a certain amount of rambling.. But moreover and to the point, the beautiful painting you posted yesterday moved me deeply.

  5. More strong work here! Your composition skill as well as your painting skills continue to amaze and delight this 2D artist. Always a pleasure to see your work.

    I had no idea that things were in disrepair in Ontario. I think of this sort of thing as more prevalent in the US. It's heart breaking.

  6. Jyothisethu

    Again I appreciate your visit and kind remarks. I will shortly fly over to your blog and visit you, if I may - the internet provides such commodious flights, don't you think?!


  7. Hi Marcia,

    What a girl you are. Ahhhh -- so you think I'm just the best figure drawing person whose work you've ever seen -- how about this -- an incredibly beautiful abstract work that I whipped up using red and green and white paper. (Do I detect a secret wish to go to Italy?) Magnifico. You never cease to amaze and dazzle me.


  8. Melinda I know that you are the real painter but I thank you, nonetheless, for your lovely, supportive remarks!
    Melinda I never intended to get political on my blog, but yes, Ontario’s economic climate has changed. About a year ago, for the first time, Ontario had to declare itself a ‘not have province’. A lot of valuable social programs were cut in the mid 90’s – I don’t think we’ve ever really recovered from that. So in cities like Hamilton and Toronto – a huge proportion of the population live below the poverty line on poor paying jobs. An embarrassing large number of people here and in Toronto are homeless, don’t get enough to eat and beg on the street.
    Of course we all know about job loss and unemployment - ongoing over this last year. I lose track of time but it seems to have been going on for at least that or longer.
    You must be familiar with the cliche or saying: When the US sneezes we to the north catch a cold.
    Of course there’ll be recovery – but in the meantime? I think grass roots social action can help enormously - and as you say – Paint, paint, paint!!!
    I’m with you there Melinda!
    xo Marcia

  9. Oh my goodness – there you are Barbara! We’re crossing paths again in the midnight ether!
    Barbara, I think dear it's the other way around - you amaze me!
    Yes I want to go to Italy. I even want to live there – but only if I can have you and Steven as our neighbor!
    Ciao Bambina
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Marcia

  10. Thank you, Marcia, for elaborating more on the subject of social programs. I want you to know that there are many US citizens who are not only angry about the sneezing and virus spreading, but are deeply sorry, too. We are doing all we can to change things down here. It's quite a virus, but every generation goes through this, don't you think?

    That's why art saves the world.'s true, and we artists have got a lot of work ahead of us.

    Standing with you and your neighbors in the north.

    P. S. I think you are a real painter, too.

  11. Believe it or not Melinda, I had to think a little before I could respond to your comment
    First of all I lived in the states for three years and developed many close friendships there so I have always had tremendous affection and admiration for Americans. Then,both David and I have relatives in the States – that is a connection – then I’ve come to know the incomparable Melinda – that is a further connection, one that I hold dear!
    Also, both David and I are addicted to and love American literature – I think you get to know the heart and soul of a people through its stories. America is great. No doubt about it.

    One thing I've come to believe more than ever, however, is that no country is lily white – that we all share a burden of guilt for cruel and inhuman acts. In that sense all countries are in the same boat. Samuel Johnson said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” I think he was right!

    Nevertheless, when it comes to talking about politics I know I’m out of my depth. What I do have and not in short supply are prejudices and opinions and - yet If I tried to hold forth on this vast complex subject I’d likely betray myself as a hot air machine. I also fear being pigeonholed as left or right – I’m probably a bit of both.

    Yes, to the crux of the matter - I agree with you that art saves the world, at least it saves my world. It is my life line as it is yours. Where as politics polarizes individuals, and is divisive – the arts do the opposite promoting genuine understanding and compassion. I think of Stephen Dedalus in Portrait of an Artist who wished to fly the nets of religion, nationality and language.
    Art transcends boundaries and borders and insurmountable barriers.

    As for economics, what good is material comfort if we are culturally and spiritually impoverished.
    My mother who grew up poor always had a love of art. During the depression she saw a blue Chinese porcelain dog or dragon – but the blue color made her so giddy from its sheer beauty that she decided that if she went without a few meals she could afford to buy it and she did. Some may have thought she was daft, but she valued that particular blue color. Anyway this is before I was born so she wasn't being an irresponsible mother. I know she taught me to see the world other than in utilitarian terms.
    Good night Melinda - it's late - we'll talk more about this subject, I'm sure.

    xoxoxoxo Marcia