Wednesday, March 17, 2010

once more green and red

9 x 12 oil - set up of construction paper, 2009

Well it is St. Patrick’s Day. Furthermore I like green, I used to look good in green – had green in my wardrobe a pair of beautiful green boots I bought long ago in Chicago. And a tight fitting, green, sleeveless dress, that even if I could still wear it, it just wouldn’t look the same. 
According to that ever growing body of knowledge, science -  green is a primary color – and science is seldom wrong – right?


  1. Okay, I'm starting to appreciate green! I think this painting has a very strong composition. You've done a great job with it. There is a moodiness, but also a sense of optimism.

    Now, science? Seldom wrong, but when it!

  2. Thank you Melinda!
    I think moodiness and optimism are a great combination – it’s like dropping a cloudy drop of vanilla into a golden omelet.
    I used to have a professor who referred to science as modern folklore. And the personalities of major scientists are fraught with hang ups and imbalance, which perhaps makes them all the more endearing.
    Did you know that Darwin used to run and hide when visitors came. He had a mirror set up so he could see them approaching. He was a very shy man. He could never have hosted an open house the way you did, Melinda!
    And Newton – suffered from anorexia and lead poisoning later in life. Too much of trying to turn lead into gold.
    So sometimes we lesser fools are wise to approach the authorities of higher knowledge with caution and a grain of salt. But I do believe that red wine reduces cholesterol - at least for the time being.

    XO Marcia

  3. Oh my, Marcia! I love your response! You are such an excellent writer as well as artist.

    Sad and funny about the scientists, especially Darwin. You know, I do the same thing (but our mirror is of a different kind)! It was so exhausting to put on my game face and host the open studio tour, but we don't have the same kind of luxury to be recluses in our era. However, the internet is a good way to have friendships and discussions safely, yes?

    Those wacky scientists are very close cousins, actually.

    Love your scientific study of red wine...

  4. This is beautiful! I know you Marcia. You would look fantastic in a tight green dress, and green boots. Forget that you're a Mommy, and rock your inner Diva.

    I love these cubist abstract paintings. So lush and dramatic.

    Love Barbara

  5. Melinda, It’s a revelation to me how comfortable I feel and how much fun it is talking to you even though we’ve never met!
    So I concur - the internet facilitates friendship!
    And Melinda, I can say the very same thing about you - you are a very wonderful writer and artist!

    XO Marcia

  6. What a good idea -right on! inner diva - but I may need some lessons Barbara. How much do you charge? ha ha

    love Marcia

  7. Hi Marcia,

    For you nothing. Here's lesson one. Buy a dark green dress to wear over that biker body. Tight. And buy some dark green boots with high heels. Stick on chunky, shiny necklaces and bangles, and great big hoops in your ears. Dawn some makeup -- for the eyes and lips, and whip out the door wearing a coat tomorrow because it will be cold. Before you leave tie a dashing long scarf around your neck, and stick all of your paraphernalia in a huge leather bag you hang from your shoulder. You may need some gorgeous leather gloves to match or not if it's still chilly. It's time to get back to where this Diva thing of yours left off. Lament no more
    Ms. beautiful artist!

    xoxoxoxoxLove Barbara