Monday, March 8, 2010

Remnants of Snow

Last Tuesday at  Kozawyck's farm,  sketch - pastel 10x14
This Tuesday there won't be much left of the snow, maybe a snippet here and there.

We’ve had a succession of sparkling days. Today is unbelievable.
Yesterday I climbed Snake Road on my bicycle with my husband David. When I reached the top I felt unpleasantly warm and overdressed and unzipped two layers. Now we were on the escarpment in Waterdown. I thought it would be nice to show him the Kozawyck farm off Center Road but it was oppressively busy with cars so we turned around and did the usual loop – about 50 km on country roads, past Connan’s Nurseries,  stopping at a convenience store for apple juice just before hwy 6, one of our busiest highways. We crossed it into Milgrove. – cycling into a strong headwind and crosswind – the homestretch seemed endless. Also sections of road were submerged under water from the melting snow. Now David felt chilly and I began to feel strain in my wrists and derriere.  It was a relief to turn on to Brock Road at Greensville and then descend the very steep hill (hwy 8) into the valley town of Dundas. We stopped at the ubiquitous Tim Hortons for coffee and a sandwich. Half an hour later we were home, by this time dark. I was the first to jump into a hot bath. Took an ibuprofen and flopped onto bed for a luxurious nap. Bliss.


  1. Impressive painting and writing. Huh! You two are an inspiration. I felt proud of myself for walking the dog. No! No more messages about how I "should" be riding my bike. But wowser. I certainly am humbled by the two of you and your feats of daring do!

    Much Love,

    Barbara xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Wow! I really like this pastel sketch and its sense of place. Very expressive too!

    You are a wonder with your biking. My gosh, how I wish I could be as active. You're an inspiration, most definitely.

  3. Barbara, you love to tease me and I love it. I really ought to tease you back. You’ll notice that I don’t mention how slow I am on my bicycle and how all the cyclists pass us! I’ll repeat: the rewards of cycling are - a glass of wine, a hot bath, a well earned snooze and an insufferable sense of virtue. So get on that bike girl, this very minute. Ha ha
    Love you, xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Melinda you are very, very sweet. I cycle out of habit more than anything. David and I owned bicycles long before we had a car and I got used to getting around on one. I am pretty much a city cyclist but occasionally to humor him I accompany him on short day trips and it does me good – otherwise I’d be disgustingly sedentary. Lying around in bed with a good book is good – that’s really the best kind of exercise.
    Btw I tried to respond to your comment about the US and social programs and art – but I guess I probably begged the question. One of these days we might talk about it, more at length – we are living in interesting times.

    xoxoxoxo Marcia

  5. Is this kosher? To reply to a reply? OMG I don't know. I am not teasing you. I'm just saying I am proud of you for being so incredibly fit, while I am huffing along with the dog and feeling incredibly proud. Yes. I agree lying down with a book is great exercise, but sole depleting (ha ha.) Okay now I am teasing. I am not getting on that bike. Now where did I leave my car keys? Bought two big canvasses today and could barely carry them to the car!

    Weights anyone?

    Love Barbara

  6. Barbara,

    So before you weren't teasing??
    Well sure it’s kosher! or pareve or even de rigueur – it’s always nice to have a repeat visit from you sweetie.
    So you’re pumping iron eh? I tried but hurt my right shoulder, so I’m sticking to cardiovascular and yoga. Actually it was swimming last summer that put my shoulder back in gear – swimming they say is the least stressful exercise.
    Invite me over and I promise I wont try to help you find your bike.
    Love you