Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Saint and the Voluptuary

Charcoal 18 x 24 on manilla

This is Alan sermonizing, expostulating as an evangelist. He held this pose for at least a full 15 minutes without blinking. I asked him how he did it. He said he didn't know. It occurs to me therefore that Alan is  a saint. Of course, Alan also draws and appreciates the dynamics of a gesture.

Colored chalk on Ingres paper 18 x 24

Vivian is also a saint. She is taking note of what Alan has to say but prefers to reflect on her own inner conception of salvation. She is also a voluptuary which makes her exquisite to draw. 


  1. The model who can hold a pose without changing, and especially arms outstretched like this, for such a long time is a saint!

    I love both of these drawings: the line variation, the energy, the smudging, the color.

  2. Hi Marcia,

    Ahhh voluptuaries captured magnificently. Incredibly lush drawings. They make me feel
    like a Voluptuary, though nothing could be
    farther from the truth.


  3. Hi Marcia - Your blog is just delicious and I love these drawings! Wow!

  4. Thank you so much Melinda! During this pose I thought Alan was being St Francis addressing the birds, but no, he said that he was giving a sermon! Mind you, he did sway a bit which was totally in character.
    We are blessed to have such good resourceful models to whom we can feel a connection.

  5. Barbara let’s face it – we’re all voluptuaries. The thing to decide is whether you’re a hedonist with a small h or a capital H? I know these things don’t really matter but I always brood about them anyway.

  6. Hi Connie! Thank you very much! You already know how much I love your work – I think it's fantastic!!!