Sunday, January 8, 2012

The fine tuning and maintenance of obscure, tricky equations and unfinished thoughts

While not everyone might  be considered equally unimportant, by the same token not everyone can be considered equally unfortunate. When we’re all equally fortunate than  true equality might be conceivable.
A variation on this might be Camus' conjecture  that only when we were all slaves might true freedom or true democracy exist - but I can’t put my finger on the exact wording of his quote.

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the watering of the unwatered plant

reclining figure, chalk on manilla Jan. 2011


  1. It is true that there are those who seem visited more often with misfortune, but those who do not break away from the comfortable, the traditional, the obedience of safety--eschewing lives of risk (and more authentic lives)--are the most unfortunate of all.

    I love the pose of this model and your beautifully rendered drawing with spots of colour.

    p. s. I think the plant has triumphed over the city. It gets the human to go to great lengths to care for it! :-)

  2. Tried to post from my iPad and was roundly refused, or was that round and refused, or roundly re-fused. Love the highly intellectual and mysterious content of this. So elliptical, and yet the drawing is so direct, so lovely and lyrical. I am left musing. You are amusing, and a muse.

    Lovely in every respect this post.

    Davey sure looks good -- very pressed behind the thriving plant in bathtub.

    Love Barbara

  3. Yay Melinda! Thank you for your very wise observations about the triumph of the plant and that those who manage to live authentic lives are the truly blessed! I know I am very fortunate to know you through blogging and would love one day to meet you in person!
    xo Marcia

  4. Barbara you are really something with that ipad. You’ve knocked my high tech reservations and prejudices right out the window at least for the time being.
    Because david loves to bathe and does so daily, I had an impulse to photograph him bathing with that poor neglected plant and he might have been willing to cooperate but I was too timid to ask him to take his clothes off - anyway I’m sure he would have refused.
    Elliptical, yes, somewhat oblique – my philosophy is on shaky ground, even I don’t understand what I think and say half the time.!
    I’m glad you like the reclining pose – she’s sort of stretched out and compressed at the same time.
    Love, Marcia