Monday, January 16, 2012


My  portrait of a dear friend,  Richard Lubbock, who sat for me in Toronto some years ago. I met him shortly after he arrived  from England. He had a walloping, dry sense of humour. For years he worked at CBC as a writer and also wrote for a publication,  The Idler which which no longer exists,  which took its name from a pub where a bunch of them used to meet weekly. When he sat for me we had lovely, heated debates on politics - we always agreed to disagree – Richard loved that – we both did, generally coming to a draw.   

ciment fondu


  1. Wonderful eyes. You don't often think a sculpture will have such intelligent and sensitive eyes. Great work. You are a marvel.



  2. I'm with Barbara - those are wonderful eyes! Beautiful.

  3. Thank you for saying that, Barbara!
    He was a mix – on the one hand a luftmensch, on the other hand, he had an eye out for cutting edge science and technology with an interest in economics and a strong sense of the absurd - a delight to spend time in his company.
    love, Marcia

  4. Thank you Kim!
    Your comments along with Barbara's was a tonic for me!

    1. Wonderful and so intens! I can feel him alive. great great work Marcia!

  5. I agree to the above! Wonderful! I also very much like the slight hint of a smile around his mouth, actually on his entire face.

  6. Thank you Kathrin! I am extremely happy that you like this portrait!!

  7. Thank you very much Liza!
    I am delighted that you can perceive just the hint of a smile on Richard’s demeanor! I think I can imagine his amusement right now as I reflect on that!