Saturday, January 28, 2012

The philosopher’s diet

This book, written by a Cartesian, is a treatise on how to lose weight. He provides a recipe for muffins – a strict regime of one large muffin or two small ones per day plus jogging will do it. 
Why do we care about losing weight? It’s the division of mind body, the mind body split – the mind tends to loathe an excess of flesh. Not me!
Richard Watson wrote this book when it was still fashionable to believe that oat-bran  would save the world, i.e. human kind. Since then that theory has bit the dust and the price of oat bran has come down.

 man resting,  pastel on Ingres 18"x24"


  1. MArcia, what a fabulous drawing! A joy to look at.

  2. Marcia! Super drawing... so relaxed and simply great!

    1. Wouldn't it be great if you could shed weight with muffins! Sweet! Oat bran I remember -- they still claim that about Cheerios. This is a lovely drawing. Wonderful line, glorious colour and light. You are a genius.



  3. Oh, my. You've captured the sun and sky, and the essence of the life force of the model, and put them altogether in this lovely drawing.


    p. s. You're welcome here any time. We could throw some paint together (at a canvas, of course)!

  4. Kim it’s great to have your comment!
    Of course I loved your yellow bus paintings – both of them – the first one as well as the new and improved one – both so painterly and beautifully designed!!!

  5. Hi Kathrin, thank you!!! As it was super fun to draw him, I'm extremely glad you like it!

  6. Barbara, thank you so much!
    Well at that time oatbran was supposed to address the issue of our cholesterol, now science has moved on to red wine. So now we have science's permission to tipple our way to healthy arteries. Some people might prefer that anyway to oatbran which I suppose includes cheerios. How innocent and trusting we all are!

    love, Marcia

  7. Melinda, thank you!!!
    I accept and am honored by your invitation. That would be huge fun to throw paint with you - at a canvas!!! One of these days we'll do it - life force, sun and sky - so beautifully expressed - thank you!
    xo, Marcia