Wednesday, January 18, 2012


An exciting moment. - today on our walk along Locke St. to the harbour, two young women, not Hamiltonians,  approached us for directions - "McGill  street off of Cannon?
I knew precisely where to direct them and they showered us with gratitude. 
One of the women was from Wynyard Saskatchewan! What a thrill – Never in my entire life had I met someone from Wynyard. I asked her if she’d heard of Elfros and Wadena. Of course she had! I explained briefly that when I was a little girl, my father was the doctor in Elfros, an Icelandic village. Because it had no hospital, he admitted some of his patients either to the hospital in Wynyard or to the one in Wadena. Sometimes I’d go with him on his evening rounds to either of these two towns. Dirt roads back then. On rare and wondrous occasions I'd be allowed potato chips but then cautioned that they really weren't good for me.

And what were these two, very young women doing in Hamilton? They were on a tour giving motivational talks to high school students, and then on to New Brunswick where they’d finish off their tour and fly back west – one to Wynyard, the other  home to a place about nine hours north of Vancouver.

A view from the cat walk at Siemens  from  a year ago. 
The factory closed down in July. oil on pre gessoed panel 


  1. Beautiful. Lovely colour combo and mood. It seems redolent with nostalgia and presence.
    You are so good. Love that synchronicity. Way cool. What a darling girl you must have been going around with Daddy and getting an illegal potato chip! Funny.



  2. I also love the colours and your way to express! Its a wonderful work.

  3. Thank you Barbara, I like that – ‘the illegal potato chip’!
    I was a very slow eater but when it came to delicacies like chips, I didn’t drag my heels. Tragic to learn that they weren’t as nourishing as boring roast beef which was a tough chew.
    love, Marcia

  4. Oh Kathrin, it’s such a pleasure to receive your supportive comments!!

  5. I receive great emotion from your work. Typically, I find only certain kinds of art stir me, and yours certainly evokes feelings and thought. A beautiful inspiration of past and present.