Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two - Not so new, sitting down for the new year

This patient model dozed for an hour at a stretch without altering her position an inch while we scratched away at our drawing. All the while she possessed a certain serenity or calm which I might want to emulate in 2012.  Fat chance! Just being realistic.
click to enlarge

carbon pencil on Ingres 2009

another model on kraft paper, 30 min pose 2008


  1. There's something very wistful and endearing about the second one and yes, something very sleepy about the first! Can't wait to get back to my life drawing classes. Wish they were twice a week instead of once.

  2. Hi Marcia,

    Love the drawings, especially your use of white -- awesome. Fat chance eh?
    I am writing this in my iPad because I'm still not 100%. Still learning how to use this baby, but it is amazing! Wish I was techie like you! Lovely art.

  3. The first image is quite intriguing. You've got the skill to express the figure's sense of density and place. Really well done. I like the second drawing for the color and sense of movement, for sure.

    Looking forward to more of your excellent work.

  4. Thank you Sheila! I also look forward to getting back to weekly life sessions and I also wish I could have more of a good thing like the famous, somewhat gluttonous journalist, A.J. Liebling – who, when he’d finished an enjoyable meal, would tell the waiter that he’d like to order exactly the same number of courses in the exact same order again!

  5. Thank you Barbara!
    I am glad you’re able to rest and that you're having fun with your ipad! I think you will be the uber tech, not me! I can just imagine you in action with it!
    love, Marcia

  6. Thank you so much for your comments Melinda!
    With or without inspiration, I do hope to work more regularly. Perhaps an occasional energy drink to get the juices flowing without grinding to a complete halt.
    xo, Marcia

  7. Marcia! I love your drawings, especially the expression of the second one... and the figure and your lines of the first.

  8. Hi Kathrin!
    Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the lovely comment!!! I will post new work soon!