Wednesday, June 8, 2011

on preparation

I was a hearty feast for mosquitoes  yesterday by a charming creek. As soon as I set up they attacked. Today I counted approximately 45 bites on shoulders and back – a conservative estimate. Bug smear was no deterrent. Then to add insult to injury I couldn’t find my brushes. That left me with my finger, rags and two palette knives. But when I loaded up my car and paused for a sip of tea I found my brushes at the bottom of my back pack. The plein air fairy chuckled (at my expense) and murmured sweetly – you had something to learn from this experience didn’t you? 

oil on board 9"x12"


  1. Oh Marcia, that sounds miserable! (the bites)
    I too have forgotten brushes (and used my fingers) and all sorts of things. It's always an adventure!

  2. Marcia! Your finger painted picture is fantastic! I love these abstract and very powerful brushes that reminds me of a wild forest!

  3. Finger-painting was my favorite medium as a kid. Love it here, too. Swatting at the bugs can lead to interesting body paint, eh?

    word verif: emess

  4. Kim, you too eh! Yes the bites were something else and I think later that night the weather was crazy and Hamilton was hit by a couple of tornadoes. For next time I might arm myself with an insect jacket - Cathy's suggestion.

  5. I'm thrilled you like it Kathrin! In spite of being addled by the insects it was also liberating in a way and I discovered things and got ideas from it in spite of myself!

  6. Good for you Sam. My mom once did a painting with her feet - a big one too, 3' by 6' and then she slid, lost her balance and slid spread eagle onto her back and my dad had to come to her rescue and lead her by the hand to the shower.
    I noticed when I finally got home from bug land, (actually a boy scout camp), i had a significant swatch of green paint covering my hair.