Friday, June 10, 2011

Moving myself around

Not bothering about color harmony ( although if I do look worried I ‘ve had plenty of experience doing  that – ha ha) - as much as experimenting with mixing colors from landscape palettes to see what tones of this and that I can obtain – painting over a previous study – half looking half guessing being quite compatible with mud as that is something I have in abundance in my studio.
click on image to enlarge

oil on canvas 10" by 12"


  1. So far I like this one the best.
    The many faces of Marcia. The last time
    I tried a self portrait I looked like I was
    eating a sour pickle.

    Yours are quite beautiful.

  2. Your mud is a much better color(s) than mine. You may think this portrait is a study. It's a keeper!

  3. Remarkable work! I love the depth of feeling and layers of color.

    You. Know. Portraiture.

    Very, very good work.

  4. Doug: that might make a delightful self portrait, you eating a sour pickle - may I send you a jar of Strubs? Please do a self portrait, I would love that and thank you also for your lovely comments!

  5. I'm sure Sam that your mud is just as colorful as mine! But at first I thought you wrote that my 'mind' was a better color(s) than yours and I was confused by that - but minds are gray too aren't they - gray matter?
    Anyway I'm extremely sorry that you've packed your paints away - you are an excellent painter and pastel artist too - not that you have to abandon the Pollack apps. And thank you so much for your great feed back!

  6. Melinda! It's a relief and tremendous to hear from you! I'm so glad you're back. Not that you don't deserve a break and obviously you couldn't miss El's graduation but I'm so glad you've returned to your easel and thank you so much for your lovely comments!
    xo Marcia

  7. Marcia,

    This is so striking. Very moody and interesting. I enlarged it so i could enjoy the brushstrokes even more.