Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creek in June early evening

A return visit to the creek lathered with enough spray to repel all the ravenous mosquitos  this side of the equator from a slightly different vantage point.  One sniff of me and they either fainted or fled, I was happily abandoned. A veritable calm prevailed, I could hear the frogs and myself sigh in something approaching tranquillity.

oil on canvas panel 12" by 12"


  1. Wow! This ist so gorgeous Marcia! I am very impressed by your powerful painting!

  2. I think they knew better than to bite a famous artist!

    Love the force and confidence of the marks and color
    here. Did you say finger brush ... where can I buy one
    of those? All the best.

  3. I just went back and read your lead in.
    Where in the H did I come of with finger???
    Aw senility, it's a wonderful thing.

  4. How gorgeous. I wish I'd seen this right away to tell you. It is lush and tranquil and amazing.



  5. Marcia, this one pretty well knocked my socks off! I love the whole thing but my absolute favorite bit is the reflection. The colours and shapes are wonderful and I adore the pale blue marks.

  6. Spectacular work! I see similarities to Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler in this.

    Just wow!!

    You're cookin' with paint. Hope you're keeping cool otherwise.

  7. Hi Kathrin
    I am humbled by your generous comments and terribly remiss in thanking you. No excuses of course because I appreciate your comments immeasurably but I have of late been short of time to be on the computer.
    Hope you are well!!!!!

  8. Doug, you are very, very cute!!! I love your humor - you remind me so much of a dear friend who also likes to make himself the butt of his own jokes. It is a style I appreciate - and my other friend is a Brit and you are American, so this must be a universal trait.
    Thank you so much for your lavishly, kind thoughts as well and I hope you are enjoying yourself this summer with brush in hand. I love your work!

  9. Barbara, Thank you! Toronto is a stone's throw to Hamilton, we ought to have a visit before the summer is over! Your work is cool and amazing as are you, its perpetrator!
    Purrrr to you all and the cats and Zoey who I understand, is trilingual with English, Cat and Dog discourse and is now absorbing some Italian and Chinese!
    love, Marcia

  10. Nicki, I love the expression you used- 'knocked my socks off' - it elicited instant delight!!!
    As you know, I love your work - you are a major source of inspiration to me - dear fellow Saskatchewanian!!!

  11. Dear Melinda! I am giddy with your praise - high, high praise indeed, being compared to the likes of Krasner and Frankenthaler - even if it is a stretch of course.
    There are three Krasners at the AGO this summer, on loan from MOMA - one Frankenthaler, one Joan Mitchell, a fantastic large totem piece by Bourgeois - I also love the two Noguchi sculptures and the one by David Smith! (Noguchi, btw, was interred in Arizona during the second world war, voluntarily at his own request - although being half American would have exempted him - but he wanted to show solidarity with less fortunate Japanese Americans.)
    There are many, many heroes are there not, almost too numerous to keep track of.
    Also, I must say I'm pretty excited by your recent work!!!
    xo Marcia