Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer mode

Summer is characterized by long hours of light, the illusion of endless days and the allure of bodies of water in which to bathe – i.e. swim, keep cool. Moreover I have an allegiance to summer because I was born in June – I specifically requested  that birth date even before I knew my parents. 
I abide by simple pleasures and cultivate euphoric states, an inner dreaminess which I work at sustaining well into autumn. 
Heavenly summer – books to read, some of them gothic, Edith Wharton (yikes), a bicycle to ride – obviously one never grows up nor intends to.  If tomorrow for some reason I complain bitterly and you never know, I might – it will become apparent I’m not consistent.

The painting below was done early evening a few weeks ago on the outskirts of Dundas.

oil on gessoed panel 12"x16"


  1. Again, such a powerful picture!! I like it very much!!

  2. Hi Marcia,

    I love this. I am not quite in summer mode, but have been busy with painting and I'm really ready. The summer moves into heat, and I move into "need a vacation" thinking.

    Please keep painting. I love your work.

    Love Barbara

  3. Very exciting.

    The mysterious dark entry to the woods and the slash of an orange
    brush stroke in the foreground is a beautiful finishing touch. Dam, that's a long sentence.

  4. Thank you Kim! - I think you are on an amazing roll with your plein air painting and daily painting too for that matter!!! Hope to see you in the fall.

  5. Hi Kathrin, your comments keep me going! Many, many thanks!!!

  6. Hi Barbara, I would say you are in production mode and I always admire you for that and I think that even when you go on vacation you will be in painting mode which I'm entirely in agreement with!
    love, Marcia

  7. Doug, What I find exciting is your longish, descriptive prose and it could be even longer for my taste. Thank you dear friend for your lovely, expressive comments!!!

  8. I really like this painting. there's a mystery in the abstract shapes and punchy brushwork.

  9. Hi Sally! Thank you very much for your comment - a very lovely comment indeed! Thank you!