Friday, July 15, 2011

Production mode

This morning when I emptied the coffee grounds into the green compost container I was greeted with a frenzy of fruit flies - drosophila melanogaster – they were eager for the coffee grounds or curious at least -  but would have I’m sure, preferred a banana peel – later, I said. I admire their industry but would be happy if it could take place  elsewhere. 
Now since I've returned from my swim, I no longer see them - I accept their disappearance with a sigh of relief.

Study of a standing figure below from a Sunday in June.

oil on canvas board 14"x18"


  1. So that's what those little buggers are called.
    Hard to say and difficult to spell. Marcia, I look to
    you for future bugology.

    I love it when you post life drawings. There always wonderful
    and creative. You have a great eye for proportion and are
    a fearless painter. Marcia the fearless, queen of Hamilton Ontario.
    I love visiting your blog.


  2. Love this painting, especially the loose red lines. Got this fact from Wayne's word. If fruit flies mated unchecked to the 25th generation
    "the number of flies would fill a ball 96 million miles in diameter, greater than the distance between the earth and the sun! Of course this is only theoretical."

    I had heard this before but wanted proof for you. Luckily they don't survive. Well luckily for us.

    Love Barbara

  3. Hi Doug,
    Thank you for your lovely comments!

    If I m to be the queen of anything - it would have be of indolence - especially in this heat we're having. I used to luxuriate in the heat, now it just slows me down.

    As for fruit flies - I'm no expert, I simply like the sound of Dro-soph-i-la Me-lan-o-gas-ter - nine lovely syllables, it scans!

  4. Barbara, thanks for the link - maybe that would be fruit fly heaven, maybe it already exists - it would be just one huge, rotating genetics lab in the sky because geneticists and developmental biologists love the fruit fly. They love them in part, because they breed quickly and have a short life span.
    And apparently their mating ritual is very entertaining - so then I ought to have renamed this post - Reproduction mode.
    I love the portrait you posted recently and have a great vacation in Nova Scotia!

    love, Marcia