Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 I was perhaps the most refreshed and reflective person on my  street  as I lay, for the second time mid morning,  immersed  in a  five foot tub filled with cold water that I had drawn earlier  around 2:30 am. I lay there for a good 5 to 10 minutes - without shivering, allowing my mind to drift, feeling tranquil and clever. 
No air conditioners, no palm trees,  but fans, open windows and good cross ventilation in an airy house -  if one can get the air to move. I couldn't persuade my husband to follow my   example - he ran screaming from my suggestion telling me that I was a seal. 

oil on cardboard painted late June on outskirts of Dundas
on a very slippery shellac ground.


  1. Marcia! This is again so wonderful, very special, expressive, strong! I like your very own language of nature, its very inspiring for me, thank you!

  2. Marcia,

    This is so expressive. I love it! What wonderful use of such a limited palette.

  3. Dear Seal,

    You sure can paint. I haven't been immersing myself in a bathtub -- but with air conditioners running full blast, and fans aplenty I was still splashing cold water on my face and arms and spritzing my hair. Man it was so hot I had to get out of town! Miss you and your fabulous paintings. You are gooood!

    Love Barbara

  4. This is wonderful!
    It may be Dundas but it
    has a tropical feel as well.

    Cool man ... ur WoMAN!

  5. Hi Kathrin
    Thank you for your wonderful comment!!! I feel inspired by the paintings you've been doing with gouache. I worked with gouache a bit several years ago and seeing what you've been doing makes me want to resume!

  6. Hi Nicki,
    Thank you!! I'm really glad you like it! I'm trying to remember what exactly my palette was that night - not all that limited if I recall - but then I did focus on just a few of the colors. I'll post another painting soon, I did that night where there is a broader range of pigment.
    I'm thrilled to see your drawing and that you're ploughing ahead with it!!!

  7. Hi Barbara,
    I'm glad you fled TO and I know exactly where you were headed.
    You sure made my day big time with your comment!
    love, Marcia

  8. Hi Doug, Thank you!
    I'm trying my utmost to be a cool woman. It's an uphill battle all the way in this tropical, north of the border heat wave everyone's having. I hope you're a cool man!!! I know you are!!!


  9. Brilliant piece! I'm dazzled by the ease with which you paint landscapes. You do make it look easy. I just love the expressive, energetic brushstrokes. Yum!

  10. Ha, love this piece and commentary, and the new drawings and weather reports.

  11. Thank you, thank you dear Melinda! Of course nothing is easy so I'm delighted that you say it looks that way! I am really excited about your foray into the new/old encaustic medium! I'd sure love to play around with it with you some time!!
    xo Marcia

  12. Dear Jala, I'm thrilled that you like both the piece and the commentary - one needs some pretext or excuse for commentary now and then after all, doesn't one? - and the drawings are actually old which I tripped over recently and I'm glad you appreciate Pearce's weather reports which are available in their entirety on line - they are a blast, aren't they?!