Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday life

These weekly life sessions help keep me copacetic. I've missed a few and won't alas get back to it till July. I'll have to improvise in the meantime - may try to take in Caravaggio and his followers in Ottawa on our way to Montreal and then will make time for the museum in Boston when we're down that way.

Below - three forty minute poses.

40 minutes 18 in by 24 in on Strathmore -
prior to tweaking when I returned home
- six of one half a dozen of another this
tweaking exercise

Strathmore as above

manilla 18 in by 24 in 40 min


  1. Solid drawing as the images exude a lightness of being. Lovely work.

    Hope you'll have a fantastic time. Maybe you'll even see a few Artemisia Gentileschi's too.

    Enjoy and don't forget your traveling artbox!

  2. Hi Marcia,

    I am always astounded at your perfection in drawing. Your self-portrait is gorgeous too. It made me miss you. I just read somewhere that we should never apologize for being behind. But do you mind? I'm apologizing for being way behind on my responses.

    Love Barbara

  3. I always love to see your life drawings.
    You use color and line like no one else I know.
    Great stuff!

  4. These are gorgeous and have such a classical feel to them. I love your use of line and the way you add color. Usually I can pick a favorite, but each of these is so beautiful. Love your portraits, too!

  5. Hi Melinda
    I think after all I'm postponing my trip - the house painters are still here and I have other things I want to do in the meantime. But Artemisia Gentileschi is for sure on my list and will be hanging in the Carravagio show until September. The traveling art box is a great idea - I am compiling one that hopefully doesn't weigh more than twenty pounds.
    Your comments are so sweet as usual - thank you so much, thank you!!
    xo Marcia

  6. Barbara, now I'm the one who is behind in my responses. So I'm glad that it is not a grievous error to be late. I always welcome your comments when they arrive because they are invariably filled with 'sunshine -sunlight' and they lift my spirits and brighten this oft moody romantic's day!!!!
    love, Marcia

  7. Doug, you have no idea to what extent the warmth and generosity of your comments reassures me and boosts my morale. You are a great blogging friend and fellow artist!!!

  8. Connie, thank you! As you know, I have tremendous admiration for your figurative work! You are definitely in a class by yourself!