Friday, April 1, 2011

One plus one

I had left over from painting two weeks ago at the RBG  some globs of pigment, too entirely seductive to let them lie idle and not earn their keep – some Indian red, cad yellow, sap green (hello, my name is sap green), mighty chested Prussian blue and dollops and smears  of cad red, alizarin crimson, ultramarine  and this and that etc  - but no particular subject matter. So I selected a pastel I’d done a few years back between Ancaster and Brantford on what I remember was a sunlit day and used it  as a point of departure. Well for one, a big difference in the feeling of light.

12"x9" oil on canvas panel - 2011 

 off Powerline Road between Ancaster and Brantford
soft pastel 14"x11" - 2008


  1. Wow,

    what a treat to find this on my break. You've cheered me up immensely. I'm up against a deadline and anxious. But this lovely scene helped put my feet back on the beautiful ground.

    Love Barbara

  2. Hi dear Barbara
    You have cheered me up with your super enthusiasm - always a treat!!! Thank you!!!!
    As long as I have known you, now for several years if I dare say, you have always unfailingly fulfilled your commitments with flying couleurs - and you will this time as well - guaranteed!

    love, Marcia