Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday drawer

Drawing is a great distraction – comfort food in a way with breaks for tea and an apple. My friend’s son who teaches in the south of Japan is ok – he and his wife have tickets to fly over there this week 
and we received an email this morning  from our friend Miho who lives in Tokyo - with her usual subtle humor – “This morning, a lot of the trains around the city stopped and there was a big chaos around the stations (there were hundreds of people waiting for the train to come politely in line (after all, we are Japanese!)”  
more from her: “I think things are going to be a bit more difficult now with lack of electricity and supply. Also, the nuclear power plant is in a very unstable condition (and another one exploded just now!), so we're all stuck to the news all day long.”

 Strathmore chalk pastel 24"x18"

  Strathmore chalk pastel 24"x18"


  1. Marcia,
    these are achingly beautiful. How interesting it must be to have a real link to the people in Japan. My thoughts are with them!

  2. Hi Marcia,

    Beautiful work as always. I'm so glad the people you know are fine. It's unreal what's happening.

    XO Barbara

  3. These are very strong Marcia.
    Nice to see some life figures again.
    Can't wait to get home to my drop in sessions.

    The Japanese are so very calm. No panic, no shouting.
    We North Americans should take this to heart .... at least
    I should

  4. Lovely work, both of them, Marcia.

    Wretched tragedy. My heart, thoughts and prayers are for the people of Japan.

    Sometimes the weight of such disaster quiets the anguish so much in a heart, that it may appear understated. It makes it all the more powerful for us, doesn't it?

  5. I am so impressed Marcia! Great figures and I like the way you use your pastells! You are absolutely right, surrealism has never had the punch that realism has. Warm thoughts for your friends.

  6. I absolutely love your figure studies and these two are no exception. Each mark is so interesting.

    I'm glad to hear your friends are okay. What a relief.

    Thinking of you,

  7. Thank you Skizo for visiting - it's always a great pleasure to hear from you!

  8. Hi Kim - Thank you for your response to my drawings! It really made my day!
    I have been following your work and the fact that you respond as an artist to this tragedy that impinges on the safety of all of us in the world is very, very comforting and inspiring!

  9. Hi Geraldo, I am delighted that you comment! Thank you! Congratulations on your very fine work as well!

  10. Hi Barbara,
    I guess my friends are ok as far as that word goes - i.e. they are coping. My friends of course couldn't visit their son because the airline cancelled their flight the day before they were to leave.
    Miho has quite probably left Tokyo with her family because for one thing there was no food to buy in the markets.
    As you say - so unreal.
    love, Marcia

  11. Doug, from the sound of it, you and I are both shouters, drama queens as they say. After all what are lungs for?!
    I am glad you like my drawings - when you return to your life sessions I look forward to seeing your work! I certainly enjoy your water color paintings, they are beautiful!

  12. Hi Melinda,
    I think we should all commission you to do another assemblage, to be dedicated to this horrific disaster. What could be more ridiculous and terrifying now than nuclear power???!!!! The seriousness of this can't possibly be overstated, don't you think?
    As always,I appreciate your visit, comments, thoughts!

  13. Hi Kathrin,
    I apologize for being this late in getting back to blogging etc. - have been somewhat distracted by ear, nose, eyes issues, allergies - nevertheless I am extremely gratified by your kind words and support as always!!!

  14. Hi Nicki,
    It's awesome to hear from you! I am very delighted that you like my figure studies! I think of you too - you are a great Canadian artist in the landscape tradition!
    Well I think my friends are bearing up - one hears that the mood is very sombre all over which is what Michael tells his parents but that he, himself is ok and Miho, I know is totally resourceful and resilient.
    Best to you,

  15. Oh, don't even get me started--on nuclear power...

    Beyond foolish. Beyond comprehension. Beyond insane.