Sunday, April 17, 2011

A blustery day

It’s become the norm lately these days that are a reprise of everything winter had to offer except that now the audience consists of crocuses and budding branches. 
It was like this two weeks ago when I persuaded David to drive me to an outdoor session at the royal bowman near Rockwood where he sat inside the car and read while I scribbled  color onto a tiny format while the wind was whipping at me - brrr -  and then for my amusement he pretended to be a bear beside an archery target!

pastel on gessoed water color paper 8"x8" 

pastel on gessoed water color paper 4"x5.5"

David thinking he's a bear


  1. David is terrifying as a bear. (Colbert fans know that bears are baaaad.) Love the drawings. I don't know where all the green is coming from -- but you are south of us here in the north.
    T.O. is cold as all get out.

    Be careful around that bear!!!

    Love Barbara

  2. Marcia, you are a brave soul, out there painting in
    a hurricane while being amused by bears. Your interpretations
    of the landscape are magical and filled with energy.

    ps, I dropped in to a life drawing session yesterday.
    Bad scene, I dropped out as fast as I dropped in. I hate it
    when two guys sit and chat throughout the session. It was a small
    space as well. Do you have to deal with this type of thing?

    You keep me inspired to forge forward!


  3. Hi Barbara,
    I was tempted to call this post in retrospect - 'hug a bear'. It was so cold and windy that day, that I dragged the bear out with me. We went on back country roads which pleased him enormously and gave him ideas for bicycle rides. Come to think of it, I don't know where all the green came from!
    love, Marcia

  4. Doug,
    Thank you for your vote of confidence - but I assure you I'm never a brave soul and on that day I was very ambivalent.
    It's unfortunate that two people were chatting while you were trying to draw, extremely inconsiderate I'd say - drawing requires enormous concentration. How did the others feel. Maybe you could draw up some ground rules. Our group is very respectful in this regard.
    I hope you go back - you're a natural drawer! and it's good for the soul!!