Friday, March 4, 2011

She's on her way to Ayr!

This weekend a significant grouping of women artists, myself included, will arrive at Aryspace gallery in Ayr to begin celebrating  International Women's Day. This will be a day devoted entirely to  schmoozing and  getting to know one another. Putting names to faces - Kim Rempel, Tammy Hext, Nicki Ault, Susan Davis, Jessica Roth to name just a few - my dear friend Barbara Muir who will be doing her amazing skype routine with some of those unable to attend. 
And among those,  also gathered there for  International Women Celebrate, will  be this portrait bust I did years ago  of a beautiful woman, Catherine.

portrait bust ciment fondu life size NFS
Although it is primarily a fund raising event for Haitian relief it is also a splendid opportunity to meet with old and new friends and simply hang out in a beautiful gallery in a beautiul southern ontario setting. The work of artists from as far afield as South Africa and India will be represented in this huge event of over one hundred women artists from across North America and Europe –  a brilliant and ambitious undertaking, conceived of by gallery director, Jill Yuzwa. 
My husband in the past has cycled to Ayr on country roads but this week end we plan on using the car because transporting a large sculpture in a bicycle pannier seems more than a little excessive, don't you think?

 portrait bust Catherine - detail


  1. So beautiful and so strong, Marcia! I wish you lots of fun at the show and will be with you all in my thoughts - wish I could be there for real...

  2. Hi Marcia,

    I thought you'd submitted a painting. Are you putting in two pieces now? Are you a saint?

    See you there. Can't wait. I feel like I've seen this before and love it.

    Love Barbara

  3. Liza, Thank you! I really wish you could be there too and that we could all meet you in person. That would be tremendously exciting!!!
    I hope you know, I love your paintings - you are one of my favorites!!!!!!

  4. Barbara,
    This is totally last minute, impromptu There will be at least two other sculptors showing and mine is arriving to more or less add to the decor - NFS.
    My painting I still consider unfinished, a work in progress - it isn't even signed which I will probably do to morrow. So when I say last minute I'm not kidding!
    love you - you have the gala spirit

  5. She looks so lively, I like her expression, she is wonderful Marcia! Good luck for your show!! I`m very impressed!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, stunning and powerful image of a pure unabased woman. I wish I had words to describe the love I have for your artistic imagery! Magic!

  7. A strong women immortalized by your skillful artistry.

    I'm so glad you are in the show! Glad, too, that you had a good time.

  8. Kathrin I wish you could have joined us - it would be such a pleasure to meet you in person. I love the group portrait you're working on!

  9. Doug I'm extremely honored and humbled by your kind words!!!!!

  10. Hi Melinda - thank you!!! it was a wonderful gathering. I would have loved it if you could have been there - I hope there will be an opportunity one day for us to meet and talk for hours in person!!!!
    xo Marcia