Monday, February 21, 2011

Laundry tub

There’s something to be said for laundry tubs. My soft spot for them developed when I discovered that they are ideal for soaking small waste moulds when I’m casting. I have four of them in my basement – two for the very purpose I described.

 Yet what this particular laundry tub was doing on the second floor of the old Dundas post office wasn’t entirely clear to me. 
The post office has not functioned as one since amalgamation took place in 2001 – which was and has been a contentious issue for the majority of Dundasians ever since they resisted the change and lost.  Recently someone bought the building and is now in the process of  renovating it, but they kindly allowed us to set up easels there a few weeks ago. They even provided heat!

 oil on canvas board 12"x9" 2nd view


  1. Oh, Marcia, this is wonderful! It has such a melancholiy mood, I love that! And its a gorgeous painting! Greetings from Hamburg!

  2. Thank you Kathrin of Hamburg!!! What a charming coincidence - both our cities begin with 'Ham'

  3. You are on a roll! I'm really enjoying all of your work lately and this one captures the sense of interior in the old place quite well.

    I'll bet there is an interesting story connected to that laundry tub.

  4. Thank you dear Melinda! You are definitely on a roll yourself - very exciting to see what you're doing right now!!!
    The tub might have a story as all inanimate objects must - I have a strong hunch that it will be in a transient mode after the renovators have made the interior spaces all shiny and new.

  5. Marcia,
    Awesome powerful painting!
    Your choice of colors, composition and brushstrokes are exceptional. It's my new favorite.

  6. Woo Hoo -- oil on canvas. This is a sombre beauty. Lovely.

    Love Barbara

  7. Doug
    You are a sweet blogging friend!!! Thank you!!!

  8. Barbara, it's oil on common garden variety, generic pre gessoed canvas board. Thank you! You are sweet!!!
    love, Marcia

  9. I've enjoyed looking at your blog and your amazing work!

  10. Linda, thank you for your very thoughtful and kind remark. I am honoured to have you visit and I am enjoying also your amazing work!!!

  11. A special talent like these must have a more broad imagination to create a deep emotion to inspire others doing a oil paint in a canvas.