Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was at Siemens turbine factory this morning which will soon close with a loss of 500 jobs to Hamilton. We were only allowed to set up easels on the catwalk and not allowed to use cameras. We will meet there again next week for one more time with Jody Joseph, a superb artist who teaches in Italy. Previously artists were allowed to wander around unrestricted. One of the machinists came and talked with me - he'd been there 23 years. He'll be looking for another job shortly.

Siemens, oil sketch 9"x12" on pre gessoed hard board


  1. Wow. Beautiful painting. No cameras. Hmmm.

    I'm sorry for the people.

    Super work as always.

    Love Barbara

  2. Barbara - When we arrived we were given a briefing. wear safety glasses at all times, sign in, don't take pictures - But anyway I would have to spend several days there to take it all in.
    Maybe 5000 jobs was an underestimation - maybe 5500 jobs will disapper.
    Yes, sad - this inner, urban landscape will disappear in a few months and that building has been there over a 100 years.
    Thank you always for your support and interest.

    love, Marcia

  3. Gorgeous colours and shapes in that painting Marcia. What an interesting assignment.
    In the 70's I went to art school in East Berlin where the factory and worker were glorified in paintings and murals. "Socialist Realism" was dismissed in the west, but I think that an era was captured that really is over. I've never heard about people painting on the 'shop floor' here...well not since the 30's. It's really cool what you are doing.


  5. Thank you Flora - it was a great thing to to be allowed to set up there!
    I was dead wrong about the numbers though, as someone pointed out to me - more like 500 to 550 high paying jobs will go.
    I'm impressed that you got your art training in East Berlin! Wow! I love your work and your blog!!!

  6. Thank you, Anonymous, for the correction! Much appreciated.

  7. How great that you were able to paint somewhere different. They should allow cameras!

  8. Hi Pam

    No we're not allowed to photograph - I was there today and asked permission but it's a strict policy and they're adamant about enforcing it. Still maybe it's a blessing, it just means we have to look harder.
    Congratulations on your fabulous work! I look forward to seeing your painting at the IWC exhibit!

  9. Wow, Marcia - I love this painting - the way you've painted a difficult subject is so impressive! I'm very sorry, though, for the workers - hope they all find work.

  10. What a great tribute to a place and the people who made it a place.


  11. Thank you Connie, I have been savoring your lovely comment!!
    I hope the workers find new employment too - they are a wonderful group of people, mostly highly skilled so I'm sure their prospects will be bright. Hope so!!

  12. My goodness Jill, this is a wonderful and unexpected surprise to have you visit!! Thank you for your comment!
    I know you must be up to your eye balls as they say with last minute attention to details for the opening in early March of IWC.
    I am so excited and looking forward to this gathering of artists for International Women Celebrate - and best of all, I don't have to travel very far to attend it! Ayr is practically in my back yard - a hop, skip and a jump as they say!
    So I'll meet you and everyone else in little more than a week! Yay