Monday, February 14, 2011

The day was for melting

Two melting kinds of  days in a row and then tonight a bit of freezing to keep us on our toes. You might say a perfect Valentine's day - balmy and romantic, sunny and cloudy and then  a slight rising and falling of temperatures to keep the extremities tingling and us all wondering what's happening next on the horizon - weather wise that is. 
This is  pastel sketch  of the same farmland stream from a few years ago. I wouldn't mind having such a stream like this in my back yard where I could sit and ponder life's idiosyncrasies - the permanence and impermanence of things for hours at a stretch 


  1. These last two works have a very unique character, your own colours and forms, I like them very much Marcia!

  2. You do this so well!
    The small bits of line in wonderful
    character plus the subtle breaks of colors.
    Beautiful Marcia,

  3. This has the sparkle of hope. Spring!

  4. I melted just a little when I saw this. My artist's heart just sluiced right into spring. I was as always dazzled by your talent. Wow! Wow! Wow! I said, and then went outside and chilled and tried to get back to producing art in the shadow of greatness.

    Love Barbara

  5. Thank you Kathrin! I'm always excited and fascinated by forms in nature and the countryside and I grew up in rural areas and would live there except that I also love crowds of people too and the variety of cultural offerings that cities provide.

  6. Dear Doug, it is so heartening when you tell me things like this because most often my lines are still there because I am invariably unfinished with the pieces that I do.
    Thank you!!!

  7. Sam, thank you for your comment!
    You prompted me to look up the expression - 'Hope springs eternal' - which I just did - it comes from Alexander Pope in his Essay on Man - 1732.
    I agree! renewal - thumbs up!

  8. Hello dear Barbara, you are a silly!!! Of course you know that you are and I love it!
    love, Marcia