Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A seated pose in reverse

I wanted to call this ‘the proper way not to sit’ as a follow up to my previous post, but I didn’t think I could and still have clarity. But wait a minute - Clarity isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be - I’m not sure what I mean by that.  More times than not I fake it. In this case ambiguity and indulgence are my guiding principles. But not to lose us altogether, that is if one hasn’t already shrugged one’s shoulders and turned the page – I had a brief but intense fling with Dr. Photoshop,  who is responsible for the second image. I took photoshop on a  30 day trial and had some interesting moments in his wild lab of possibilities – dove in  and  hardly understood a bit of what I was up to. I think for the time being I’ll return to the straight and narrow.  But what the heck, a deviant path now and then to while away the approaching winter nights. Excuses, excuses. My knee is now 98.8% better.

watercolor and pastel on watercolor paper 
13"x17" 2007 - 08

this is an image of the above watercolor 
inverted by photoshop


  1. I love Dr. Photoshop--the simpler, kinder one. He can be fickle and a bit difficult, but once you learn his quirks, as opposed to Quark(s), he's a decent fellow....He can even help you push an image and inspire you to try new paint images.

    What fun, to see your watercolor inverted. What do you think of it? I like the colors in the second one a lot.

  2. Melinda, you're right - I agree with you, it's a powerful tool. What startled me also was the fact that I quite loved the the color and its overall effect in the inverted image. I always considered the red in the watercolor to be a bit raw and harsh and anyway it was never finished but when I exposed it to the machinations of photoshop I discovered a whole new world of visual possibility. I'm really glad that you point out the benefits of photoshop and approve of my relationship with this quirky, seductive fellow - ha, ha.
    xo, Marcia

  3. Hi Marcia,

    Great work. I like both, but the one via Photoshop is intriguing. I am still an iPhoto fan. It's easy and does what I need to do combined with Preview. I am definitely low tech.

    Love your blog, your work and your thoughts.

    Love Barbara

  4. Hi Barbara
    I think you can still pull rabbits out of hats with iphoto which is mostly what i use because i have a mac as in macaroon.
    But since they have upped the ante with both iphoto and preview I would say you are more likely borderline mid tech whereas I am only sub threshold high tech.
    The person who is truly no tech- low tech is the guy next door who still pounds away on what used to be my mother's portable Smith Corona for which he married me to get at that. It weighs a ton, has a percussive sound and on good days he can almost hammer out American in Paris and Rhapsody in Blue on it.