Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Proper Way to Sit

My right knee has been sore and stiff for the past few weeks from crossing my legs while sitting at the computer which I sometimes do for ungodly stretches of time - a bad habit, sitting like that. 
I am now with great mental effort, resisting that habit of crossing my legs. Today my knee feels significantly better and I went for a long walk to consolidate it's improvement. But I could never take and hold a recumbent position like the one that Ed has taken below. 
When I sleep now or read in bed, I put a pillow under my right knee and it relieves the soreness and tension. I recommend it. No, I am not a hypochondriac.

recumbent pose no.1 18"x24" 
chalks on strathmore


  1. Gorgeous, Marcia! Beautiful lines - just a great drawing all around!

  2. The colors in your fabulous drawing are dazzling. The pose is so perfectly rendered that I'm gonna throw out all of my charcoal...Okay, I won't, but I feel like I could never match your skill. Really.

    I know what you mean about sitting in front of the computer. I don't have a knee problem, but I do have lower back pain. Guess we just need to get up and move more, yes?!

  3. Beautiful drawing of Ed, I'm chucking my charcoal too. I think you are in the fast lane part of the time despite your denial. Aw poor knee. I recommend a chiropractor for that one. Mine taught me not to sit side saddle at the computer and to turn my body not my torso at the easel. Thanks Judy (my chiro -- a saint).

    I am an absolute dazzled fan. Back to the easel with your cautionary notes in mind (don't stay in the same position for long). These computers are seductive machines Come to Toronto I miss you.

  4. Thank you Connie!
    I have to admit that pose gave me a run for my money - it only began to come together in the last ten or fifteen minutes after almost an hour of groaning and moaning. Do you ever have that experience?!

  5. Melinda you are not allowed to say that or I will throw away my paints. You are a natural brilliant visceral artist. they don't make em any better - so shush!
    Lower back eh? Two years ago I did a combo of yoga pilates and it did good things for me. The body - this body - our bodies, need a regimen.
    xo, Marcia

  6. Dear Barbara, thank you! I will come to TO soon - did you know that when David was bureau manager for TO at UPI - Toronto was known as JN? did I ever tell you that?
    Barbara, you are always a special friend! - you are unconditionally supportive and you always make me laugh! And you are a wicked mimic - am I allowed to say that?
    love, Marcia

  7. Okay, Marcia...I hear you. I'll try to adjust my attitude....(smiling) You're just so good!

    Thank you for the tip about yoga and pilates. I do have a really good yoga DVD. Time to dust it off and start in with the regular routine. This artist has a tough time with regimens. Sigh.

  8. Haven't been here for quite a while (sorry) and as always I am very impressed with everything I see. Your drwaings are masterly! I love the subtle flow of your lines.
    Good luck with your knee, Marcia - I know what you're talking about!

  9. Hi Melinda

    I have a hard time with regimens too - especially with sustaining them, a gradual loss of interest, waning enthusiasm, that sort of thing. Maybe it's too strong a word. I'm certainly no exercise fanatic. Maybe Mr. Artyfice could dust off the dvd and join you in a mild programme
    of yoga as your yoga buddy? Yes?

  10. Thank you Liza, for your comments! It's always a delight to have you stop by. I love your new body of work - it's making me an anglophile or for that matter a Lizaphile which I already was anyway!

  11. your figures are very well done. I especially like the bits of color in this one.