Friday, November 5, 2010

a merry chase

Earlier, I was looking for a small painting of daffodils,  to no avail, that I did a while back,  - but instead found something else - this acrylic still life I did a few years ago. It turned up with  other loosely related items in the piano bench.  

The other  thing that turned up which gladdened my heart immeasurably, occurred last week when I found a set of keys II'd been searching for since late August. They had fallen into a hiking shoe beneath a small drafting table in my bedroom. 
I was looking for a pair of socks, and a glint of light from this shoe I seldom wear alerted me  to the fact that this was no mere sock stuffed in my old shoe. There they were - three keys - one to my daughter's apartment in Toronto, one to my studio in Hamilton,  one to my bicycle lock and also I guess, one for the road. Not a bad idea, I could use a key to wind myself up in the morning!
So the pell-mell and clutter of my house keeps me on my toes as it were. 

acrylic - pot and bottle - gessoed watercolor paper 8"x10"


  1. Hi Marcia,

    There was a cool show on memory (ah before I forget super painting. Moody still life) on CBC the other night, and to remember your keys it suggested picturing them exploding when you put them down, then you'll find them when you go hunting for them. Houses hold a lot don't they.

    Super blog, and super work.

    Love Barbara

  2. Exploding keys... ha ha ha. Either that'll make you remember, or it'll blow the door off.

    Glad you found this lost art. Maybe you should have an MFA.

  3. Barbara
    Mine holds far too much. So much of it is detritus. It’s a recurring crisis or almost. Always stepping over and around things. I was never a super tidy person although I could try. You understand these things! You used to use the expression - clean-o-maniac, meaning that neither of us were! Well me anyway.
    love, Marcia

  4. SamArtdog you are very cute!!! I’m like your dog, I go around in daily circles looking for things. Library books that go missing are the worst offenders. I’ll consider doing an MFA as soon as I wrap up my lowly BFA.
    Thanks! Marcia