Wednesday, October 13, 2010

warming up

I’ve decided to take a breather from my graffiti post since its format became thoroughly painful, ludicrous, bizarre. unmannerly and counter intuitive. My luddite  gene vibrated.

So I decided to muck around on an old painting which has gone through countless mutations and will continue to do so. But it  serves a higher purpose – to soothe my agitated hackles, to warm me up and get me moving while  I recharge my batteries.

                                                     16"x 20" mixed media on canvas board

                                                           same version on photo shop

                                                     earlier stage of mixed media 'warm up'


  1. Hi Marcia,

    We seem to start in the middle of a conversation. What graffiti post? Was it here and I missed it? I am sorry. Anyway I am delighted to have you back and the painting is wonderful.

    Love Barbara

  2. Barbara
    Sometimes it’s good to start in the middle of a conversation, (even in the middle of a sentence – SJ Perleman did) so what if it’s hard to follow - so you’ll just have to invent, make it up as you go along – truth isn’t everything.
    I think my google blogger has a bug – I tried to format some photographs and drawings last night – but it didn’t work, I finally had to give up after several tries - they still showed up on the dashboard of my car car car - but I think after tomorrow they’ll be removed and I can try again. It’s no big deal or tragedy but it’s the principle that counts.
    I’m glad to be back even if it’s intermittently. It sounds as though you had a very nurturing thanksgiving. We were at a lavish wedding in Montreal. Also got to visit the Otto Dix show at the museum.

    Love, Marcia