Wednesday, October 20, 2010

two still lifes, wet and dry

acrylic on masonite 14"x16"

charcoal and chalk on gray canson 14"x18"


  1. Super work. Very different. One reminds me of Matisse and the other Picasso, although both remind me of you. Fantastic.

    Love Barbara

  2. Oooh, now I'm seeing Helen Frankenthaler! Gee, you are so good!

    Looking forward to lots more.

  3. Barbara, thank you! You are spot on about Matisse, (uncannily perceptive and psychic you are) - however I'm not so sure about the 'P' word, i love them both though and am definitely under their influence as well as a multitude of other influences (purposefully vague on that)
    You see I threw myself into the melting pot at an early age. If I manage to retain any identity at all, it's only to vote and pay my taxes and then? - kiss my husband if he lets me!
    love, M

  4. Melinda, you are so sweet! And now that I've seen your beautiful painting of the prickly pear, I can derive the expression: 'well she may seem a bit prickly but she is actually, awfully sweet inside'
    And you are not prickly and you are sweet and just awesome with those caran d'arches neo colors as well as with all the other materials you put your hand to.