Tuesday, October 5, 2010

preserved in amber

assorted objects of love and neglect

One can seen on my basement kitchen counter if I permit it,  brushes soaking in a jar of vegetable oil – they’ve been there almost a year. One of those inexplicable interruptions which, when I attempt to think about it, fills me with dismay. I’ve been on the verge of cleaning them off and on. Well, this may be the day. Stranger things have happened. O to the god of craftsmanship and now, rescue these blameless brushes.

Below are two fresh air studies. 

pastel 8"x11" hastily banged off  at Andy's farm before rain last April

5"x6" sky study Andy's farm pastel 2010 April


  1. Oh Marcia,

    You are so cute. I have about one million acrylic brushes abandoned for a conversation elsewhere in the house, and hardened by time into stones. They can be cleaned with a patient and thorough application of rubbing alcohol, and I promise myself to do it over and over. But my favorite thing in this is the "banged off" and absolutely perfect sketches. You leave me no choice but to run to the studio to try and bang off something or other. Funny. Too funny.

    Love Barbara

  2. Must be the season for better intentions. In my case, the pastels will step aside, please. My acrylics are sulking in the corner like jilted lovers. Tomorrow they'll see the light of day for the first time in too damn long. A brush with color. How thrilling!

  3. Barbara
    Your joie de vivre is an antidote to my excessive seriousness which I inherit from the Russian Polish side of my family - was it a surplus of potatoes in their diet perhaps ? I can't imagine why?
    Anyway I'm relieved to know and comforted that I'm not the only shameless hussy when it comes to brush care.
    So then, those languishing brushes will not have to wait yet another year before I get around to it. No, NO - I promise - first thing tomorrow.

    Love Marcia

  4. Hi SamArtDog,
    Yes, this is the season for all good men and women, artists included, to come to the aid of their intentions!
    A brush loaded with color - thrilling indeed. Absolutely do not hold back. Those lovelorn acrylics will once again become your preferred playmates!
    But wait, the pastels which you handle so well - ok they can wait their turn. Why not, or you could alternate or include, mix and combine...

  5. Love the title of this post! And, your words--so true.

    Here's a link to Susan Rothenberg that you might like:

    She abuses her brushes so much that some of them are about an inch and a half in length and like wire brushes!

    You're in good company.

    I do love that top landscape...Great energy and expressive markings. Wow.

  6. HI dear Melinda. I've just returned from Montreal via an arduous drive on the 401
    to find your delightful warm comments. Thank you thank you and also for the link to Rothenberg!

    xo Marcia