Friday, October 22, 2010


I ate some pumpkin pie today. It was astonishingly good and I realized that I could be a vegetarian if I could exist on pumpkin pie and rice custard pudding which I used to buy at Murrays – a chain of restaurants that no longer exists. Surely civilization took a tumble when they shut down their operations. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to those pea green and white institutional casserole dishes in which the individual puddings were baked and served. 
In my careless 20’s I’d hop out of bed at a disgraceful hour and head for the Plaza Hotel at Bloor and Avenue Rd where the dependable Murrays occupied a sizeable spot. As one of their regulars,  I’d take my place amongst their older, respectable clientele and order one or two servings of baked rice custard. On Fridays they also served excellent chowder, both kinds – Manhattan and New England.
Today I'm serving a drawing from a stack of mostly unfinished drawings that go back a few years.

carbon pencil on gray canson mi teintes


  1. Hi Marcia,

    Great drawing. I had an intense rice pudding phase. I ate it at many restaurants, and also bought it in cans direct from England (which seems a long way for a dish with milk in it to travel). Ultimately I overdid it on that sweet, sticky dessert, and now can't face it. Pumpkin pie however -- that's a dish with heft.

    Your drawing like all of your work is just wonderful. Serve us as many as you please.

    Love Barbara

  2. Intense! Sensitive!

  3. Barbara this is certainly the best month for pumpkin pie and other types of culinary magic. But really the rice pudding I’m referring to that I ate at Murrays was custardy and not overly sweet or sticky. Moreover each serving contained one or two plump raisins – ahh, heaven.
    Thank you for giving me license to post whatever I’m able to yank out from my dusty old stacks!
    Love, Marcia

  4. Hi Geraldo
    Thank you for your lovely comments. I enjoy looking at your sketchbooks. Your drawings are fabulous.